“ROADRUNNER: NEW LIGHT, NEW MACHINE” is going to shake the music industry to the core.

The hit singers of “Sugar” are back and dropping another album that is bound to top the charts!

Brockhampton’s new album ROADRUNNER: NEW LIGHT, NEW MACHINE will be released on Apr. 9 via RCA Records. The album’s release will be accompanied by a virtual concert broadcasted from the chapel at Rick Rubin’s Shangri-La studio. Currently, the official tracklist is unavailable, but it is revealed that the album will feature never-seen-before collaborations.

When you put Brockhampton’s reputation for being one of the best Hip Hop boy bands into perspective, there is no doubt that the unreleased album will leave fans lusting for more.

First and foremost, Brockhampton is not your typical boy band. The band consists of singers from all backgrounds, from the dropouts to outcasts to nihilists. Yet, the founder, Kevin Abstracts, brought these seemingly eccentric individuals together and formed the successful band that we all know and love today. It is evident that each member went through obstacles that shaped them in different ways, and that is what makes Brockhampton’s music so invigorating. With clashes of different music styles and melodies blending into one universal harmony, the band can create works of art that you just cannot find anywhere else.

To understand fan expectations, we must first dive into the depths of Brockhampton’s previous iconic studio release: GINGER. Released in 2019, GINGER features soulful, relaxing hip hop pieces that touch upon the sensitive topics of depression and anxiety. The band wanted their audience to embrace their insecurities, and that is exactly what the album was able to achieve. Powerful vocals create feelings of empowerment in some songs, while heartfelt, sugar-coated melodies create feelings of tranquility in others.

Furthermore, each of the tracks has unique characteristics that distinguish them from one another, and that is what makes them all so equally alluring. Lines like in SUGAR include, “spendin’ all my nights alone, waitin’ for you to call me/ you’re the only one I want by my side when I fall asleep,” much in contrast to NO HALO’s “always feel left in the dark, the trauma the price for the patience.” While SUGAR is centered around the yearning for an ex-lover’s return, NO HALO takes a drastic flip with its message on the effects of mental anxiety, illustrating the expansive variety of topics that the band offers. These lines showcase that Brockhampton never releases the same music over and over again, with each song possessing its own charm that can captivate even the toughest of critics. If Brockhampton does not diverge from its original formula, their next album is bound to be a dynamic masterpiece that will once again amaze the avid music listeners of the world.

Some critics find Brockhampton’s discography too sporadic and unorganized, but their unique approach to music actually adds to their overall appeal. It is better to see artists experimenting with their music than to see them consistently releasing the same tracks. This demonstrates how Brockhampton takes the time and effort to release music that is unparalleled and noteworthy, as they produce songs for a wide range of audience members. Additionally, the plethora of flavors that exist within the band’s songs also showcases the group’s depth. When a band can create music from all ranges of the spectrum, you know that they are talented at what they do.

There is nothing more pleasant than sitting down and listening to comforting tunes that can satisfy any mood. The release of ROADRUNNER: NEW LIGHT, NEW MACHINE promises to give fans exactly that, and listeners can rely on the 6-year-old hip hop group to drop one of the most memorable albums of the century.

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