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Rick and Morty’s third season excites viewers

Rick and Morty

 “Welcome to the darkest year of our adventures.”

 Rick and Morty is an animated sitcom airing on Adult Swim following the daily life of Rick Sanchez and his grandson, Morty Smith. Utilizing subtle science jokes, original characters and a unique artstyle, Rick and Morty makes for an addicting and hilarious show.

 Action-packed episodes like “Pickle Rick”  and the single-day return of McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce bonded fans together through internet memes and jokes. In addition, the satisfying season finale, “The Rickchurian Mortydate,” contributed to an overall exciting and successful season. These positive factors keep the audience excitedly waiting for Season Four.

 Airing on Apr. 1, Rick and Morty’s third season  was indeed the “darkest year of [their] adventures,” as Rick foreshadowed. For example, the season’s premiere, “The Rickshank Redemption” picks up where season two left off; Rick in prison. Tricking the government with his elaborate technology, Rick manages to break out. In the most iconic episode of the show, “Pickle Rick” effectively showcases Rick’s genius as he turns himself into a pickle, and even under unforeseen circumstances, he manages to improvise and gets through it by using a rat’s limbs.

 These episodes do not come close to that of the finale. “The Rickchurian Mortydate” not only shows Rick’s mortality, but is also a tie-in of the conflicts seen in the past season. By the end of the episode, Rick solves his animosity with the government. To everyone’s relief, Morty’s parents, Beth and Jerry, have gotten past their marital problems, bringing the family together once more and  

 Despite the show being a mere cartoon, Rick and Morty expresses a deeper meaning on life and uses subtle jokes to appeal to all ages.

 For example, in episode six, “Rest and Ricklaxation,” Rick teaches the audience that we all have angry and negative sides in ourselves, but they are vital to making us who we are. To take a break from crime-fighting, Rick and Morty cleanse themselves of negative spirits.

 Promoted by Rick, Szechuan sauce, a McDonald’s dipping sauce, made a  single-day return to select locations on Oct. 7. While many failed to obtain a packet of the precious sauce, this shows the large impact made by fans of a show.  

 While many may argue that  Rick and Morty is too vulgar and encourages negative thoughts, this is merely the show’s style. Plot and character designs are up to the creators, and should therefore be respected. Those against Rick and Morty’s nature can simply refrain from watching, instead of criticizing the creators’ and fans’ taste.

 Season three’s many successes make the fans excited for the next. Its ending poses multiple questions: What will happen to the family? Will Rick and Morty continue to help the government?

 These factors make the viewers agree with Mr. Poopybutthole and say “Oooh wee! What a season!” Hopefully we will not have “big white Santa Claus beard[s]” by season four’s premiere.

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