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Reverse 1999: A new thrilling time-travel RPG that has captivated players

Art By Anyi Chong.

  “So you do have a mother!”

  On Oct. 26, the global server of the new and refreshing gacha game Reverse 1999 launched worldwide, and has already garnered a strong positive reception, with praises towards its voice acting, character design, and story and deserves all the praise it is receiving.

  Reverse 1999 is a gacha game that was first launched in China earlier in the year, developed by Chinese company Bluepoch, with a visual novel style of presenting its story. The lore focuses on a fantasy setting with humans and Arcanists, people who are able to use magic. The story centers around a phenomenon called the “storm,” and has already managed to craft a compelling and attractive story already within the first few chapters.

  The “storm” happens on the last day of the year 1999, but before time moves to the next century, the phenomenon strikes and reverses time to older eras. The main character, Vertin, is a timekeeper and the only one immune to the story’s effects. She travels through the years, recruiting fellow Arcanists to survive the storm with her while finding out the truth behind the “storm.”

  If that synopsis does not have you hooked yet, perhaps the voice acting will. The English voice overs present a shockingly good cast of British and Italian as well as a variety of other accents. The accents help readers emerge in the game, making each region in the game that the story takes place in come alive, making players feel like they are in the story as well. 

  As someone who actively dislikes British accents, the quality of the accents was very good and surprisingly soothing to listen to. They are not over the top, but they do have a humorous tilt to their voices. For example, Regulus is one of the first characters players are introduced to in the story, and speaks with an authentic British accent with attitude and each line she says has me amazed at the hard work that her voice actor puts into. 

  The gameplay is also another factor that makes the game highly enjoyable. As a turn-based game, the combat is as the term suggests. The player’s characters and the enemies take turns fighting-player’s team goes first, then has to wait for all the enemies to finish attacking before moving onto the next turn. If that sounds foreign or intimidating to players, the game makes sure to have all players understand the game’s mechanisms, with a tutorial with straightforward descriptions and finger guide to help players understand the combat system, and how to navigate the settings. 

  Reverse 1999 focuses on sets of cards that players have for each character they choose to have in their team, and has different abilities for each player: either their normal attack, their skill attack or their ultimate attack. Players can also combine cards or perform moves that cause cards to combine automatically, resulting in stronger attacks and damage. 

  Of course, being a gacha game, Reverse 1999 can only be talked about with mentioning their stunning character designs. There is a playable pirate and a playable talking apple in the game, what more could players want? The character designs of this game are truly stunning and beautiful, with a unique artstyle that showcases each character’s personality. Players can even set the character they want on their home screen and interact with them through voice lines.

  Only two weeks into its global release, Reverse 1999 has proven itself to be a gem, and a breath of fresh air that is looking to stay in the long-term. The game is worth giving out a try, making readers wonder where time is going the moment they start playing.




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