Remembering The Late Great, Razor Ramon

“Hard work pays off, dreams come true, bad times don’t last, but the bad guys do!”

On Mar. 12, the wrestling industry was gutted by the passing of Scott Hall, also known as “Razor Ramon.” Through his innovative ring style and defining stable, Razor Ramon is remembered as one of the greatest to ever lace up a pair of boots. 

Ramon began his illustrious career in the summer of 1992 when he debuted for the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). He quickly became a fan favorite for his innovative ringstyle and the nonchalant persona he portrayed. Nicknamed the “Bad Guy,” Ramon walked out to music with a toothpick in his mouth, laid the smackdown on his opponent and left in style. To add, Ramon was also able to capture the prestigious Intercontinental Championship four times and have arguably one of the best ladder matches in the company’s history. Against wrestling legend, Shawn Michaels, they stole the show at Wrestlemania in a match that would help innovate the business. 

Perhaps Ramon’s biggest “bad guy” moment came not in the squared circle but in backstage politics. In 1996,  Razor Ramon and fellow friend Kevin Nash would jump ship and join rival wrestling company, World Championship Wrestling (WCW), setting off an explosive rating competition between the two companies. 

While in WCW, Ramon would take on a new name, Scott Hall, but still, keep his beloved persona. Alongside Nash, they squashed competition and shocked the world when Hulk Hogan, the American hero, turned heel and joined their clique, forming the group the New World Order (NWO). 

With this new faction, the three icons would help revolutionize the business and pop culture. The NWO also helped WCW gain a massive rating boost, beating the competitors weekly for almost 3 years! In his new home, Hall would once again capture gold. From tag team titles with fellow NWO members to a World Television belt, Hall was a mainstay figure in the company that helped define a generation. 

After WWE eventually took back the wrestling industry and put WCW out of business, Razor Ramon and the NWO returned to WWE in 2002 for a brief run that was plagued with Hall’s personal life catching up to him. After being let go from the company that same year, Hall set out to clean his life up, and did so in style.

Now part of WWE’s Hall of Fame two times, Ramon has left behind a trailblazing legacy for future generations. His ring style was unique and ahead of its time back in the 90’s. From his championships to his show-stealing matches, Ramon has inspired countless current and former WWE superstars, the most famous being Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Most importantly, he made being a “bad guy” cool for countless people. 

Whether it be walking out with a toothpick on his lips or an NWO shirt, Razor Ramon will go down as one of the most defining wrestlers of all time. We miss you “bad guy”.

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