Red Cross brings organizations together to host Christmas-themed event for childrens’ hospitals

‘Tis the season!

Glen A. Wilson’s Red Cross held a Christmas-themed collaborative event with other organizations such as the Health Occupations Students Students of America (HOSA), Kiwins, American Heart Association (AHA), Key Club, St. Judes and UNICEF at lunch in the Media Center on Dec. 7th.

The meeting focused on making Christmas cards that will be delivered to childrens’ hospitals over the holidays. Not only does the meeting offer members the chance to help those in need, but the meeting also serves as a bonding opportunity in which members are able to enjoy a fun event, consume hot chocolate and accumulate service hours. 

The rules are simple: the cards must be school appropriate, with acceptable messages and no graphic images or violent words. One service hour can be earned for each card made. 

To make it more exciting, a raffle was also held where winners were able to receive a cute plushie as a prize! 

Senior vice president of Red Cross, Alex Li, expressed his excitement over the meeting and at working with other clubs to help children. 

“I love the idea of working together with other clubs as that means an increased number of participants,” Li shares. “With more volunteers, we can help write more cards for kids!”

In addition, Li is extremely pleased with this event and shared his feelings about being able to help more children. 

“This event shines a beacon of light for the kids we are creating for, and we can also feel better about ourselves” Li explains.  

Furthermore, junior public relation officer of HOSA, Nicole Li, shares this sentiment and joy of seeing so many people at the event and is looking forward to future collaboration events like this. 

“It [is] nice to know that there are so many people willing to take the time to make a card!” Li exclaims. “I would love to have such an event again in the future because I love seeing everyone gathered and having fun.” 

It seems that everyone loved attending this event and had a blast there junior Key Club president Erin Tran was no exception. 

“It was so much fun creating the hot chocolate for all members. It was super satisfying to mix the hot chocolate powder with the chocolate,” Tran shares. 

This event marks the last Red Cross meeting for the semester and they hope to see members again next year, wishing everyone good luck on finals and a great winter break!


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