Raising Cane’s: The Start of a New Fast Food Era Catered to Chicken Lovers Everywhere

With the rise of various new fast-food chains, only one stands out from the crowd Raising Canes.

Raising Cane’s is a restaurant company that has ONE LOVE- quality chicken finger meals. Founded by Todd Graves in 1996, Cane’s is known for its great crew, unique culture and active community.

Ranging from its convenient menu to its chicken fingers that won ‘Best Chicken Tenders’ in a nationwide fast-food ranking, Cane’s is by far one of the best fast-food chains that specialize in chicken.  Even with the increased competition in the food industry due to the explosion of demand for higher quality foods, Cane’s has managed to secure its position at the very top by providing consumers with exactly what they are looking for—affordability, convenience and excellent service.

Raising Cane’s chicken fingers are fried fresh, meaning that they are not fried in advance and left to sit for hours in the kitchen. This is why they lack the greasy taste that other fast-food chains’ chicken tenders have. This explains their crisp taste that is hard to find elsewhere, leading many consumers to crave for more.

According to Thrillist’s first fast-food awards show, “The Fasties,” Raising Cane’s chicken tenders showed why they are the best.  Ranked based on their tenderness, breading, seasoning and overall delicious taste, Raising Cane’s chicken tenders were awarded first place when compared to those of all the major fast food chains. The restaurant was also recognized for its signature sauce when it was ranked 3rd in the “Best Dipping Sauce” category. 

When asking other people what they thought about canes and why they love it so much, Jeremiah Esguerra stated, “You know, the bread is nice and buttery and leaves a fantastic taste behind. Their original sauce just adds to that flavor and makes the entire menu 10 times better. And to top it all off, nothing, no other fast food restaurants can top their chicken fingers. They are by far the juiciest and most tender chicken fingers I have ever had.”

The reason why canes produce the most amazing food is because of their use of high-quality ingredients. They only use 100% premium chicken tenderloins. There are no fillers and processed chicken products used. They’re also never frozen, so you can guarantee that the ingredients aren’t old and from storage.

When it comes to ordering, Raising Cane’s has limited options but finger-licking good food. With their minimalist menu, you can easily get exactly what you want without having the hassle of reading through a convoluted mess. Though it is difficult to make every item on the menu taste consistently delicious each time it is made, the rising fast food franchise has made the impossible possible and astounded food critics across the board.

If you are looking for a quaint place to eat that prioritizes its food’s quality over its quantity, Raising Cane’s will surely meet all of your standards and even exceed your expectations. 

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