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Quad Area Concert showcases HLPUSD schools’ musical talent!

Elementary, middle school, and the Royal Wilson Marching Alliance performing together during the Area Concert. Photo provided by Royal Wilson Marching Alliance.

Wilson’s RWMA (Royal Wilson Marching Alliance) performed in their annual Wilson Quad Area Concert among many other feeder schools on Apr. 12. Those elementary and middle school bands that came to showcase the best of their school’s music included Wedgeworth Elementary, Bixby Elementary, Grazide Elementary, Cedarlane Academy and Mesa Robles. 

The Quad Area Concert brings the schools together and hopefully gives the younger students the RWMA to look up to as a role model. They might even be in the high school band one day. 

Christian Santos (12), RWMA’s percussion section leader, shared how there was a moment when the separate school performances conjoined towards the end. 

“For a majority of the concert the younger students do not play with the RWMA. However, once we are introduced at the end, all the ensembles play together. This year, we did a cover of the main theme of Jurassic Park,” said Santos. 

Saxophonist Leticia Hsieh (9) expressed that one piece she was particularly proud of showing off to the other schools was the flight song. 

“I think our flight song was the best because everyone played loud and clear without any major tears. Also, when our drum major called us to attention, I heard the kids in front of me whisper ‘woah’,” said Hsieh. 

In terms of the entire experience, Santos also reflected on the concert giving him insight into how much growth has occurred in his music career.

“The concert reminds me, as a senior, the long ways I have gone from being a beginner instrument player in middle school to now,” shared Santos. “The Area Concert does not only showcase the musical potential that the younger students have, but it also showcases the given potential that has been used by the high school students, inspiring us to continue our musical journey in some form or another.” 

Between a freshman who feels nostalgic from watching the middle school performances they were just a part of last year and a senior musician on his last stretch of RWMA performances, the Quad Area Concert brings students from K-12 together to boast a range of musical progress across different ages. 

The Quad Area Concert is hosted every year, so do check out the performance next year to enjoy the varying levels of experience from HLPUSD students—from the elementary and middle school bands with great potential to Wilson’s brilliant RWMA! 




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