Promoting Animal Welfare (PAW) hosts their first meeting of the year

Promoting Animal Welfare (PAW) hosted its first club meeting in hopes of raising awareness for animal treatment on Oct. 9.

The club focuses on benefitting the lives of animals by fundraising, recruiting volunteers, holding donation drives and engaging in activities promoting the welfare of all animals.

According to the club president senior Candice Lee, the first meeting served as an introduction to the cub.

“The main focus of the club’s first meeting was to [meet] some of our new members, as well as go over the club’s main goals and some plans that we have set,” Lee said. “This year we plan to push towards better treatment of ALL animals, as in past years we have mainly only focused on common house pets like dogs and cats.”

In addition, Vice President junior Alex Castro gave his take on the meeting as well.

“I was pleasantly surprised by the turnout we had for the first meeting,” Castro said. “It definitely showed that there was a lot of interest in the club, which eliminated some of our prior concerns on expanding our club during distance learning.”

Like Castro, senior Ashley Cheng expressed her excitement for years to come.

“[Although] I have been a member for three years, the first meeting made me look forward to participating in the club because it is an opportunity to meet the new members and inspire others,” Cheng said. “Being in PAW really makes me look forward to what the future has in store.”

PAW will hold their next club meeting Friday Oct. 23 at 2:30 PM.


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