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Pineapples on pizza: the debate settled once and for all

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  Pineapples on pizza can be recognized to be either the greatest combination of taste and flavor or the worst sum of any toppings a pizza could possibly have.

   Unlike most toppings, pineapples on pizza is one of the most controversial topics debated in the world of food. 

   One popular combination with pineapples on pizza is Hawiian style pizza, which consists of Canadian bacon and pineapples over melted mozzarella cheese and pureed tomato sauce. Contrary to its name, Haiwaiian pizza is not from Hawaii, nor from Italy where most pizzas is.

 The history of pineapples on pizza dates all the way back to 1954, when Greek immigrant Sam Panopolus migrated to Canada and created the dish in Chatham, Ontario. 

  Although, there are many critics and chefs who believe that  pineapples do not belong on pizza, and claim it is disgusting, unnatural and   unreasonable to think otherwise. However, the flavor and the many benefits of the pineapples can serve as an equal, if not stronger, argument to the subject.

     For example, the sweetness of the fruit is refreshing between the salty and intense flavors of pizza. The flavor of the fruit can balance and further enhance the toughness of the dough and the overwhelming taste of the other toppings. 

  In addition, preparation for a Hawaiian pizza is simple and easy to do.  It requires only to slice the pineapple and place it on the pizza. Not to mention, pineapples contain a great amount of vitamin C, potassium and fiber, are considered beneficial and healthy to the body. 

  Ultimately, pineapples on pizza is a tasty and delicious combination that has earned its place as a pizza topping.

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