Performing at BeatLA: Rallying the Wilson Students

Aleli Garcia (12)

As a senior, was this year your favorite BeatLA game?  

“This Beat LA game was my second favorite. I enjoyed performing but I enjoyed seeing the freshman in my section have fun and experience their first game! It was also a very bittersweet moment as this was my last Beat LA game.” 

What is your favorite stand tune?

“My favorite stand tunes are Canned Heat and Jungle Boogie! Those are so much fun to play in the stands. These stand tunes always get the crowd to start cheering!” 

How was performing at halftime?

 “Performing during halftime could have been better, but for our very first game I would say we did a great job in communicating with each other on the field to get through the performance. The cheering and loud applause from the crowd always gets us excited to perform!”

Francis Cunanan (11)

How were the rehearsals for the pre-BeatLA game?

“The rehearsal for the pre-Beat LA game was pretty cool. You know, we put in a lot of work to get our show performed in front of the audience: [we were] at school on Saturday for rehearsal in the blazing hot sun until 4 PM. And on Tuesday and Thursday [rehearsals], we [were] yelled at for inconsistent performance. But overall, the experience was really fun, because we were just doing what we love to do.”

How did you feel you did at BeatLA?

“I will be brutally honest here. The BeatLA show was not the best of our performance.  I feel horrible [about this]. But  I am glad that no one stopped and everyone got through it — this is the important thing  — do not give up. It is okay to fail but it is never okay to give up. ”

Do you like pineapple on pizza?

“Yes, I do love pineapple on my pizza. I do not care what everyone says but pineapple. [For me], pineapples just add flavor to my pizza.”

Amy Wang (11)

Was this your favorite BeatLA game and why?

“My favorite BeatLA rival game was last year’s. Our performance, ‘Everest’, was a really good run and it was cool to see what Los Altos’s show was like and chat with the people in their band. I liked how each section exchanged their group chants with one another.” 

What was your favorite ending tune?

“My favorite stand tune has to be Magical Mystery Tour because of how catchy and fun it is to play! My favorite part is when low brass plays the swing melody with the snares in the second half of the tune.”

Wesley Wu (9)

What was your experience like performing at BeatLA for the first time?

“My experience performing at BeatLA for the first time was exciting. I was excited about seeing another marching band’s progress on their show. Although we lost the football game, we all had a fun time meeting the same section from a different school.”

What do you feel you could’ve done better on?

“I feel like I could have done better on my stand tunes and my tone. Since it was my first time, I felt way too excited, therefore I just completely forgot how some stand tunes went. When we were playing Go Big Red over and over again, I wanted to be loud but it [affects] my tone.”

Coffee or Tea, and why?

“Coffee, coffee is something that [can] change the outcome of my day. I could wake up in the morning feeling sleepy and lazy instead of [being] energetic and ready. A cup of coffee makes me snap back to reality and brightens my day.”


Julissa Cisneros (11)

How was performing stand tunes (cheer doing their stunt stuff and band playing)?

“Performing stand tunes is so much fun. I really enjoyed [performing] them because they are completely no-stress. They also put everyone in a good mood and are such a good way to show our school spirit.”

Do you have any pre-game rituals? (huddles, hand shakes, music playlist)?

“I do have many pre-game rituals. First, I always get ready for most performances with my best friends, we do our makeup, hair, and order food. While getting ready we all talk about our days which is the perfect way to de-stress before any performance. Lastly, right before we perform our show my best friend and I do our handshake for good luck.”

What was the highlight of the evening?

“The highlight of the whole evening was performing our show at halftime. It was really exciting being able to perform for the public for the first time this season. Performing is one of my favorite things to do, so it was the best experience of the whole day.”

Lindsay Novoa (11)

What was the halftime show like for you?

“The halftime show in Color Guard was great although we are still improving! The music is catchy and I like the choreography we have so far. Something I liked was probably the choreography we have on the floor in the beginning , overall it was definitely an experience we can reflect back on.”

What was a fun part of the whole football game performance aspect?

“The fun part of the whole football aspect was the fact that we would be practicing and would hear how we would touchdown. It was also fun how we would see how the whole school would be cheering in the stands. Overall the football aspect was fun even though we lost [the game].”

What is your favorite equipment to spin?

“My favorite equipment to spin is the flag! The  flow that the flags give is what I like. It adds a vibrant  element to the performance.”

Bella Rose Jimenez (10)

What was one mistake you made that you want to improve on next performance?

“At the Beat LA game, timing was an issue for me. The timing for the music was different that day and I didn’t pay attention. So my timing compared to those around me was different.

Did you enjoy last year’s game more?

“Yes, my favorite Beat LA game was last year because we got to enjoy the game more because we weren’t at [Wilson] and the battle [of the bands] was much more enjoyable. 

What’s your advice to rookies?

“My advice to rookies is take pride in what you do and take it seriously. I know Mr. Torres says it is a lot but we need to hold ourselves to a high standard and be focused, serious, and have pride in everything we do not do on the field and in the stands.”

Hannah Esquerra (12)

Do you have any pre-game rituals? (huddles, hand shakes, music playlist)?

“[I don’t have a] pregame ritual, but a cup of boba is usually consumed before a game!” 

What is your favorite stunt?

“My favorite stunt is one of our pyramids. This pyramid in specific, [as] I get thrown in the air and do a front flip while staying connected to another one of our flyers. It is my favorite because I love the feeling of going upside down and flipping and overall it looks really cool!” 

What was the highlight of the evening?

 “The highlight of the evening for me would have to be stunting and cheering with the crowd to support our football team. The adrenaline and excitement that cheering with [the] crowd brings is unmatched to any type of fun I have had before!”


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