Peacemaker season finale captivates superhero fans alike

Do ya really wanna? Do ya really wanna taste it!

Fans are left with a big gap in their hearts after the season finale of DC comics, Peacemaker. In the episode fittingly titled “It’s Cow or Never,” Peacemaker and his gang of unlikely heroes, consisting of Vigilante, Harcourt, Leota; and Economos, look to finally put an end to the threat of the Butterflies. All the gang has to do is kill the Butterflies’ food source, a “Cow.”

With the season finale of Peacemaker, director James Gunn perfectly executes season-going character arcs and sets up for a much anticipated second season. 

Like with any Peacemaker episode, “It’s Cow or Never” is filled with the comedy and outrageousness that we have come to love about this show. Exhibit A: Peacemaker and Vigilante making fart noises for eternity in a moment of regret for Leota. To add, the crew’s attempts to get one of Peacemaker’s explosive helmets to destroy the cow, but instead, Peacemaker’s pet eagle, yes pet eagle, takes it and tosses it to the depth of the woods. Even in tense situations, the cast’s subconscious clumsiness is able to make audiences die of laughter every single time. 

However, the defining moments of the season finale come from satisfying character arcs ending. The most satisfying comes from the two most un-superheroic characters in the show, Leota and Economos. The tech guy and constant bully target for Peacemaker, Economos  shares a last touching moment that develops the supporting character brilliantly. After successfully placing the lost Peacemaker in the Cow’s base, Economos is confronted by the butterflies about his appearance. Economos touches the hearts of fans and the crew when he shares that he hates his appearance and does even the simplest thing as dying his beard to try and fit in. Although Economos is not a superhero, his contribution to the team is indispensable, and this conversation between him and the butterflies proves that he has the heart of a superhero. 

Alongside Economos, Leota, daughter of Amanda Waller, the leader of Peacemaker’s operation, also receives a satisfying character arc. All throughout the season, Leota was split between trying to please her mother, having the responsibility to deal with the team and being there for her wife. This weighed a lot on her shoulders, as her team and her wife turned their backs on her. In this episode, however, Leota has her redemption story as she finally frees herself from her mother’s grasp. Finally, she is able to do what she was sought for in the beginning, a mercenary bent on keeping world peace. She’s the one who subsequently kills the cow as the Peacemaker uses her as a human torpedo to gut the creature. In the end, both Leota and Economos, although supporting characters, have a satisfying character arc that brings this show to another level. 

To add, through the fast-paced action of this episode, “It’s Cow or Never” helps set up a much anticipated second season. Though Leota freed herself from her lethal mother, the team now has to deal with the aftermath of Leota’s actions after she hosts a press conference blaming her mother for the creation of the Suicide Squad and Peacemaker’s task force. With more questions to be answered, the relationship between Peacemaker and his father, the White Dragon, a white supremacist villain, leaves the audience bewildered. Although he freed himself from his father’s shadow by being forced to kill him, Peacemaker now has to deal with the ghost of his dad, showing that he still feels remorse for his actions and his childhood trauma. As the ending scene of the show falls on Peacemaker and his dead father sitting on the porch of their house only resonates that this will be a major plot point for next season. 

With the brilliance of the Peacemaker, DC comics fans are on the edge of their seats to see the direction that this show and the rest of the DC universe will move forward in.


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