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Vol. 50 Senior Goodbyes


 In the momentous blink of an eye, these past four years have come to a close. A necessary end for the beginning of a new chapter in my life.

 I recall myself as a freshman, eager to join the school newspaper and so nervous during the interview to the point of tears. A year later I was editing until midnight and reading drafts between piles of homework. And now, not only am I editing Perspectives articles whenever I am free throughout the week but also reading all articles. Funny thing is, Paw Prints is never a chore regardless of how many rounds of edits, what the time on the clock says or the eyebags the next day, and I think that shows exactly what Paw Prints means to me.

 I will always remember running around the Senior Tables, looking for Prom Court in the sea of intimidating seniors as a sophomore. I will never forget that ridiculous charades game with Darien’s hilarious representation of a giraffe. I will always think back to the endless hours I spent with Victoria at Starbucks, Panera and Corner Bakery, talking the afternoon away about our pride, goals and hopes for Paw Prints.

 More importantly, I will never forget the power of writing and the importance of journalism. In the past three years, I have realized what making a difference meant to me, and Paw Prints helped me realize that. So for that, I am truly grateful for the opportunities and experiences this wonderful organization has given me.

 Beyond fond memories and good times, I am confident to say that I am proud of Paw Prints Weekly Vol. 50. It takes a very special group of students to want to write, design, draw and take pictures—not for the recognition, but because we genuinely want to contribute to the community.

 This year, we launched our website, and every week, we have consistently published high quality work. The kind of tenacity and dedication in this group is highly commendable and hard to come by. And for that, I deeply respect my staff and advisor.

 To my past editors, this year’s staff and Mrs. Robles, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for perhaps the most meaningful experience in my high school career.

 As the end of this chapter nears, I bid a bittersweet farewell and look beyond the ventured past, hopeful for the near yet undiscovered future.

 Eva will be attending Wellesley College as an intended Political Science major in the fall. She is terrified of Boston’s winter and will definitely miss warm, sunny SoCal and delicious Taiwanese food.


My experience in Paw Prints Weekly has been like eating a giant, delicious slice of combo pizza.

 Without context, that might have sounded like an outlandish statement, but let me explain…

 Perhaps the most glaring similarity between pizza and Paw Prints is my undying love for both. My high school years would definitely not have been as great if either were absent.

 When choosing a slice of pizza, I carefully consider factors such as size and quantity of toppings. I chose Paw Prints out of the many other slices of opportunity offered at Wilson, because I wanted to further develop my love for writing. In hindsight, Paw Prints completely exceeded my expectations and introduced unimaginable possibilities for my growth as a writer and an individual.

 I prefer the combo pizza, because it comes with a tasty variety of toppings and flavors. Some bites may contain a gratifying piece of pepperoni, while others may have chewy mushrooms. Nevertheless, your mouth learns adapt to each flavor and appreciate the slice as a whole.

 With each new role I took on in Paw Prints—first a staff writer, then News Editor and now Editor-in-Chief—I became accustomed to new responsibilities and challenges. No matter how much I had on my plate, I always found ways to prioritize Paw Prints, my beloved pizza slice.

 And now, as I take my last bite, I have a few things to say—-after I finish swallowing, of course.

 To my staff, thank you for everything. Your efforts have resulted in our consistent publishing and our website surpassing 28,000 views. As proud as I am of our accomplishments, numbers are ultimately just numbers. Behind the articles and behind the visuals are all of you—some of the most dedicated, passionate and talented students on campus.

 To my past editors, thank you for my unforgettable experience as a staff writer and for exemplifying what it means to lead by example. Your passion inspires me to this day.

 To Ms. Robles, thank you for all that you do for Journalism. Enrolling in your class was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

 To Volume 51 and beyond, I wish you the best of luck in continuing Paw Prints Weekly’s legacy. Never underestimate the power of journalism and your ability to make a difference.

 Victoria will attend UCLA in the fall as a Pre-Business Economics major. She will definitely eat many more slices of pizza in the future.


 It seems like yesterday I was a scared little sophomore who applied to be part of the newspaper. Now, I’m a scared little senior finally saying goodbye to the organization that I have grown to love.

 Joining Paw Prints was one of the best decisions I made. Not only did it allow me to grow as a writer, but it also cultivated my growth as a person.

 If you asked me a year ago what I expected to come out of Paw Prints by the end of high school, my answer would have had nothing to do with sports. Well, life is full of surprises, isn’t it?

 Funny enough, I came to this position by pure accident. Coming into the program, I knew nothing about sports nor have I ever played a sport. However, I suppose I did excel in sports writing because now here I am: one of the Sports Editors.

 Despite my growth, I admit my sports-knowledge is still very limited. As I have said before, “The only sport I do is edit.”

 Jokes aside, my appreciation for sports has definitely grown. Someone once said that the sports section is great because someone is always winning, thus someone is always happy. Yet, in my experience, it isn’t only the sports section that’s full of wins and happiness: it was being a part of Paw Prints that I felt like a true, happy winner.

 Yes, I used to be a scared little sophomore. Yes, I’m still a scared little senior. And, yes, my journey through Paw Prints was full of (ironic) surprises. Yet, Paw Prints will soon become an old chapter of my life, it will always hold a special place in my heart.

 Lourdes will be attending UC San Diego in the fall as a Clinical Psychology major. She hopes to one day work in a hospital as a clinical psychologist.


They say time flies by when you are having fun. Looking back, this past four years in high school past before I knew it. So…I guess, you can call my high school year fun.

 I still remember how nervous and embarrassed I was during the Paw Prints interview. But, to my surprise and relief, I was accepted as a staff writer, and here I am now, spending my final year of high school creating new contents to highlight as a Features Editor.

 From interviewing students I have never met before to experiencing with various forms of writing to spending long nights editing, I encountered many new experiences that help me grow and mature as a person.

 I am so glad to be part of Paw Prints, and a part of this year’s Volume 50. It is great to see how far Paw Prints has grown and improved.

 With that being said, I want to thank our EIC, Victoria and Eva, for pushing us even further and making this year a successful one. Thank you for being such great leaders in guiding us on the right path.

 I want to thank all the friends I made through being in Paw Prints. Thank you Iris for always helping me out and cheering me on. Thank you Ying for basically carrying Paw Prints as the only graphic designer, who taught me how to layout, and being the funniest and most embarrassing friend I could ever have.

 Overall, thank you to all our editors, staff writers, graphic designer, artists and photographers for being so motivated, efficient and productive—not to mention, our advisor Ms. Robles. Thank you for the contributions and efforts you guys made to make Volume 50 possible.

 Being in Paw Prints was definitely an unforgettable experience, so I want to thank Paw Prints, the organization itself, for giving me the opportunity to make a contribution for our school and the school’s newspaper. Now, I will be moving on to the next chapter in my life.

 Helen will be attending UC San Diego in the fall as a Communication major. She hopes to continue making unforgettable memories in the future with her family and friends.



I have been in Paw Prints for three years now, and this is the first time I have ever had to write. I do not know if I am supposed to be using an inverted pyramid right now (I still have no idea what it is. Sorry, Victoria.), but here we go.

 The moment I fell in love with Paw Prints was when I first saw my graphic printed in the newspaper. All the graphic design work I had been doing up to that point was digital, so having my own work in front of me in actual physical form was really surreal. And the fact that my work was going to be seen by everyone in school just amazed me.

 My Paw Prints experience would not have been the same without some people, so I would like to give my thanks now…

 To Victoria and Eva, my EICs: honestly speaking, working under you guys has been annoying at times, but it was fun and I still love you guys. I am glad to have worked with you two for three unforgettable years.

 To Betty, lovely my co-editor: I APPRECIATE YOU GIRL. You do not understand how much easier my life got having you as my partner. Because of you, I did not have to break down in tears during class over how stressed I was because I knew I could always count on you.

 To Iris, my baozi: thank you for accepting my craziness, but on the bright side, we have so many great memories together (So many laughs.). Let’s continue being crazy and broke together 😉 I love you.

 To Helen, my mom: thank you for feeding me and being my emotional support. I love you so much. I don’t even know how to put into words how much you mean to me, but I just want you to know that I am glad you exist in my life.

 Lastly, to Volume 50: I appreciate you all. Thank you for having me as your Visuals Editor. I will miss you guys <3

 Ying will be attending ArtCenter College of Design in the fall as a Graphic Design major. She hopes to have her name in the end credits scene of a big movie and to travel the world with her family and friends. If all else fails, she hopes to find a rich, handsome husband and spend the rest of her life with as many dogs as possible.



Dear Paw Prints,


 Two years and many editorials later, this is the first and last time I’m writing a letter specifically to you.

 This year has been a lot of firsts and lasts. My first car. My last year of high school. My first time applying for college. My last year being, legally speaking, a kid. And here I am again, ready to check off another last.

 I’ve been wondering how best to tie up this chapter of my journalistic journey and after all the stress and mess, I’ve sort of come full circle and settled on three words.

 See you later.

 I say these three words a lot, probably because, unlike “farewell”, they just imply a lack of finality, that maybe there’s another day to wake up to and another event to meet up at. Technically speaking, my senior goodbye should be a “farewell”. There’s no more issues to publish, no more editorials to write, and I’ve run out of excuses and opportunities to continue penning things here. But, dear Paw Prints, I think a “see you later” is in order.

 “See you later” because while I might not belong on your writing staff anymore, I very happily look forward to my next role as dutiful weekly reader of future generations’ works on this paper. Not writing another editorial doesn’t mean so long, farewell; I’ll still be checking out pawprintsweekly.com every Friday night to see what the next group of kids are publishing.        

 I’ve never said thanks to you for the stuff you’ve done for me. There’s a little too much to thank and I’m quickly running out of column space. But I think that’s the beauty of being on a newspaper: you don’t need a single goodbye message to express your sentiments about the things you’ve accomplished; the many editorials and issues that I’ve been a part of speak for themselves.

 Recently, my favorite columnist Joel Stein officially ended his stint as a TIME Magazine regular, titling his last column “Hello, I Must Be Going.” Well, I would like to add a word to that. Hello, I must be going on… on to the new adventure that is college, leaving behind something I cherish dearly. But just as Stein’s column emphasized it’s not an end, just a beginning, I recognize this last piece is, in its own cliché way, is very much the same.

 So anyways, thanks Paw Prints, for being a real one. Here’s to many more experiences with you… and I’ll see you later.

 Lots of love,


Georgiana will be attending  UC San Diego in the fall as a Political Science major. She hopes to become a federal judge, and maybe even a Supreme Court Justice someday because why not shoot for the stars. Lastly, she wants to thank her parents for everything because she’s a sweet daughter like that.



 Wow. I can’t believe it’s already my turn to write a Senior Goodbye. Before I knew it, time flew before my eyes and four years have already passed.

 There were many stressful times in journalism, but I would not trade my time here for anything else. Without journalism, I would not have met and experienced such welcoming, intelligent and hard working group of students.

 Paw Prints Weekly has definitely brought new challenges into my life, but these were so important in allowing me to grow as a writer and editor.

 To give my thanks….

 Firstly, thank you to my Editor-in-Chiefs, Eva Chang and Victoria Kuang, for a wonderful last year in journalism. Thank you for all the effort and dedication you guys put into this organization.

 Thank you to Ying Yang, my Yingo Pingo, for everything that you do for Paw Prints. Without you, Paw Prints would seriously be in a major crisis.  My cute, crazy and kind hearted friend, I love you!!!!

 Thank you Victoria Kuang, Vkuang, for being the most amazing co-editor I can ever possibly work with…even though you’re really my only co-editor. I’ve known you for a freaking long time, and I’m so thankful to Paw Prints for bringing us closer. Team #VIRIS never dies!!

 Thank you to every Vol. 50 staff member and our advisor, Ms. Robles. You guys are the reason Vol. 50 exists right now. To all my news writers who work so hard to finish drafts… you guys are all star writers! Don’t forget the inverted pyramid, no passives and…combine and condense!!

 Lastly, Helen Chang!!! My one and only. Thank you for every single support you have given me. I don’t know what I would do without you, because I would be even crazier than I am now. I always feel so happy and thankful that I can call you my best friend. I love you, Helen (Thug) Chang!! Also shoutout to Ying Yang and Helen Chang, the only ones who would go broke with me.

 Paw Prints Weekly has given me so much in just two years, and I hope this organization can do the same for the future staff. I hope our journalism will only achieve greater heights each year. My time as a member of Paw Prints Weekly is now coming to an end. It has been an incredible journey, but now it’s time to for us to move onto the next chapter of our lives.

 Iris will be attending UC Davis as a Communications major. She hopes to make happy memories and he able to travel the world with her family and friends one day.



 I am going to be totally honest; senioritis hit me hard this year. The struggle to keep up with my homework while having to fulfill my job as a visuals editor can be really stressful, but my decision to join Paw Prints is something I will never regret. Being able to make new friends and create a bond with this group of people has been a great experience that I will always cherish. Seeing how close we are with each other and how much we have grown as individuals makes me so happy to be a part of this organization.

   When I first joined Paw Prints, I wanted to improve my skills as a photographer, and I have done much more than that  in my two year journey here. Not only have my photography skills improved, but my communication skills and social skills have improved as well. This will always be something that I will take away from my time here at Paw Prints and use in the future.

 Starting my second year in Paw Prints as a Visuals Editor was a little nerve-racking, and I couldn’t have done it without the help of Ying. She has been such a great co-editor, and Paw Prints would not be able to function without her. Being able to work with my close friends makes being in Paw Prints that much better and I’m so glad to have such great people in my life.

 Betty will be attending Mt. Sac in the fall and pursuing her career as a physical therapist. If that does not work out, she hopes to become famous and travel the world with her friends.

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