Paw Prints Shorts: Covid-19 offers new opportunities in NBA

The recent surge of COVID-19 cases in the National Basketball Association (NBA) has created an unprecedented amount of open roster spots, offering a second chance to many players looking to prove themselves. 

Every NBA team has to have a minimum of eight players available in order to compete. Because of depleted rosters, the NBA has created a hardship rule, letting teams sign players to ten-day contracts, regardless of their financial situation. With this influx of new players coming in and out of the league, the NBA landscape has drastically changed.

Players on ten-day contracts have arrived with an added incentive to prove themselves, giving  fans new reasons to cheer for their beloved teams. Heartfelt stories like the return of Isaiah Thomas to the Los Angeles Lakers, or Joe Johnson to the Boston Celtics, have had fans all across the country rooting for their revitalized careers in hopes that the familiar faces can get a full contract in the future.

Although COVID-19 protocols have kept countless stars out of lineups, it has also given a second chance to players who thought they would never step on an NBA court again. As a result, their drive to prove themselves has revived the intensity and competitiveness that other players once established, making for a new era of hard-hitting basketball that every fan can enjoy.


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