Paw Print Shorts: Encanto teaches the importance of family

Disney’s newest film, Encanto, released on Nov. 24, has debuted to adoration from many.

Encanto is centered around the family of the Madrigals, where every member has a “gift” or a special power, except for the protagonist of the movie, Mirabel. She struggles with herself, not having a gift and feeling like an outsider to her own family. These feelings are amplified through her Abuela, the matriarch of the family who cares for the magic candle that provides the family their gifts. Abuela and Mirabel have tension with one another — Mirabel not liking how Abuela treats her, and Abuela feeling that Mirabel not having a gift made the family look bad. However, with the threat of the magic candle going out, Mirabel takes it upon herself to restore the magic for the family by uncovering the hidden secrets of the Madrigals.

Encanto does a great job of introducing the main characters in the opening by showing off their gifts and personalities, while allowing the audience to see Mirabel’s inner turmoil about not having a gift. The movie also paid great attention to the culture it took after, that being Colombia, by having certain foods and mannerisms. The movie is also being hyped for songs like “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” getting tens of millions of views on YouTube within days.

Overall, Encanto is a great movie, paying attention to the setting the story takes place in, and the story itself being a great one about family.


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