Our modern-day princess Diana: Ice Spice takes the music industry by storm


Hip-Hop sensation Ice Spice finally dropped her long-awaited EP, “Like…?” this past  Jan 20. 

Following the success of Ice Spice’s single, Munch (Feelin’ U), the Brooklyn native took the social media world by storm. Through the track’s infectious tune and Ice Spice’s natural charisma, her song started various viral trends on TikTok and Instagram, propelling her into stardom. 

Though many critics claimed she was only a “one-hit wonder” and that she would soon be forgotten, she casually dropped one of the most compelling mixtapes of 2023. 

“Like…?”  has proven that Ice Spice is not just a “one-hit wonder,” but rather a future mainstay in the immersive world of hip hop. 

The six-track EP kicks off hot with In Ha Mood, a track that was leaked and spread around all over Tik Tok before its official release. This track is a self-proclamation to Ice Spice’s impact on the hip-hop scene. She doesn’t need anyone to be “in her mood”; rather, she creates the mood.

As much as In Ha Mood set the tone for this EP, arguably the best track in this record is Princess Diana. Princess Spice feeds into the memes comparing her to Princess Diana and delivers some of the hardest verses of the year. “In da hood, I’m like Princess Diana” embodies the ambiance of this track. Again, Ice Spice flexes her newfound fame, and is nonchalant when it comes to picking her man. 

This record only has one feature from the hands of fellow Bronx native, Lil Tjay. Gangsta Boo is almost like an interview between these two artists. Ice Spice raps out her requirements to be her partner, while Tjay puts out his application through playful verses and a Caribbean-type beat. This collaboration is hopefully one of many between these two artists, as it seems they share that same Bronx flare that produces timeless tracks for us fans. 

Actin a Smoochie is Ice Spice’s revenge hit piece to all her past exes. Now with all the fame, men want to return to her life, but it is too late. Spice now can choose men as she pleases, in which she explicitly mentions all throughout this track. If she shoots her shot, they’re gonna shoot back!

The final two tracks of this record, Bikini Bottom and Munch, were the main singles from this release. Bikini Bottom shows that you can make infectious songs with any beat, in this case, a Spongebob melody. Ice spice cannot lose if she is already chosen, right?

Munch put Ice Spice on the hip-hop scene with one of the most viral songs of 2022. This song sees Ice Spice describing her perfect man, a man who is stylish and can handle her in all facets. Her song and later interviews describing her ideal man led to many young suitors showing off or purchasing Nike Tech Jackets, as the queen Spice likes a man with a Tech. 

Through Like… Ice Spice has proved her doubters wrong while transcending her music versatility. To our modern day Princess Diana, thank you!!!


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