The Voices of Wilson are out of this world!




Kristin Sung (12)

What is your favorite part about choir?

“[Everyone in choir] is willing to work towards a common goal—we all get to sing with each other and enjoy the music.”

What first led you to become more involved in choir?

“I [realized that I] wanted to become more involved in choir as a freshman after I saw [the upperclassmen] around me putting a lot of time and dedication into it. [They inspired me] to do the same as well.”

What do you hope that students will gain by being a part of choir?

“I want students to know that they are part of a community and [gain] a sense of belonging by sharing in the experience of singing with other people.”

If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Build My Life.

Who is your favorite cartoon character?

“Olaf from Frozen.”


Ariana Zenon (12)

In what ways do you try to better the choir?

“We try to do a lot of bonding [activities] so that we can be closer together, and we also have mass sectionals to work on music. We all try to work together to find common goals and try to push an agenda when we do our activities.”

What inspires you to be an active member in choir?

“The people, for sure. I have had [amazing] experiences with all of the people I have been with in the past years, like in [Women’s Ensemble]. Mr. Brown also inspires me, because he has taught us all so much and helped us grow. [Choir] is an [incredibly] beautiful program that has helped me so much in life, and I want to [do my best] to [help others feel the same.]”

Describe your time as a member of choir.

“[There are] a lot of ups and downs. You have your good days and bad days, but the ups always outweigh the downs. As a member of choir, I have  learned not only music theory but also a lot about myself as a person. I gained a lot of confidence and got to [form] relationships with people I will treasure forever. [Choir] is a big family as well as a support system for me.”

What is your dream job?

“[Although I am not sure what kind yet,] I would definitely want to own my own business.”

If you were a character in any TV show or movie, which would it be?

Jane the Virgin, because my life is like a novella already.”


Jordan Chan (12)

Describe your favorite moment in your time as a choir member.

“[There was a moment] when [the choir] was preparing right before a performance, and I [felt] a sense of [love] for [everyone]. [I felt] really happy to be able to perform with them. [Experiences like that] are really what make the high school experience worth going through.”

What is your role like as an assistant conductor?

“Sometimes I am [referred to] as the ‘section leader of section leaders’. I am [required to be] a leader of the sound, and help with using the right vocal technique and learning the music. I get to work one-on-one with Mr. Brown and learn how to conduct, and I [also] get to conduct a few songs per season for Aria.”

What kind of preparation do you do prior to concerts?

“Alongside practicing every day in choir, [just before a performance] it is mostly about getting into the mood. Before we perform, [the entire Voices of Wilson] is always brought together to hold hands and [recite] the choir motto together. That really gets me into the mindset of being there to sing together and bless people with good music.” 

What is your favorite book or story that you have read?

To Kill A Mockingbird.  Having Ms. Leung as my teacher in freshman year was a really great experience because she made the story come alive to my class and I.”

What is your favorite type of weather?

“After [hearing from] others  around the country about how nice [California] weather is, I think I have come to appreciate it a lot more, especially this past week when it has been cooler but also sunny.”

Joseph Chung (12)

Why do you think students should join choir?

“I joined choir because [I have] a love for music and the community that surrounds [the group].”

What have you learned from being in choir?

“Not only have I learned the fundamental techniques of singing, but also the strength of each person in our choir. Due to the [difficulty of] the songs we sing, each member of the choir is needed to complete the full picture.”

Describe your post-apocalypse plan.

“My post-apocalypse plan is to start another apocalypse.”

What is your ideal day like?

“Sleeping all day and waking up to a plate of my favorite foods.”


Mayeli Mendoza (12)

What are some of your duties as a class representative?

“I focus a lot on the atmosphere in class and make sure everyone feels included during bonding. I also try to help the section leaders with music if there is anything they are struggling with.”

What is your favorite part about being a class representative?

“Seeing the close bonds everyone forms with each other. I love my Sorelle (Women’s Ensemble) sisters and all I want is for them to have an amazing experience [in choir] and for them to feel like a family.”

How do you try to connect with students?

“I connect with the students through the use of technology. I try [messaging] a lot of cute puppy and baby videos, as well as encouraging them via Instagram. I also try talking to a new person in class each day.”

What is your favorite song to sing?

“My favorite song to sing would have to be Oceans by Hillsong United.”

What do you like to do to de-stress?

“I like putting on  facemasks, binge-watching Hulu or Netflix and sleeping.”


Sydney Rodriguez (11)

How do you feel that you contribute to the choir?

“I help bring positive energy to the group and [try to] bring everybody closer, because choir is supposed to be like a community. [I try] to make everybody feel welcome.”

How do you try to get students to be more involved in choir?

“I try pushing people to sing louder and audition for solos because I know that everyone is talented, they are just scared to show it. I also try to show [students] that they should not be scared, because you get one step closer to [what you want] when you go after the things you are afraid of.”

Why do you think that it is important for students to have access to groups like choir on campus?

“Personally, choir is a way for me to get away from the problems that I have had at school or at home. The people here are just [generally] very goodhearted and [the environment] is very welcoming and free of judgment.”

What is your current favorite fashion trend?

“I do not really know anything about fashion, I [just] wear hoodies and jeans to school.”

If you could be any TV show or movie character, who would you be?

“I would be Eleven from Stranger Things, because she is really cool.”

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