Opinions on Homecoming

Doanh Lu (12) 

If you have attended any, how would you describe your past experiences with homecoming in general? 

“Sorry, I have never attended HOCO in the previous years.”

Out of the past years, how many homecomings have you attended? 

“I have never gone to HOCO before.”

Which homecoming theme do you think was the most fun?? 

“I think this year’s theme is pretty cool since it is unique and I love Alice in Wonderland.” 

Will you be trying to get onto homecoming court? Why or why not? 

“I will not try out because personally, I believe I would not be chosen since I am not that popular.” 

Gabriel Bangsan (12)  

In the past years, how many times have you gone to homecoming? If you did, which ones were the most fun? 

“I have not gone to HOCO before in the past years.”

What are your expectations for this year’s homecoming? (If you are going?) 

“My expectations for this year’s HOCO is to just make lots of memories with my friends having fun and eating tons of food.”

What’s a major factor as to why you would or would not attend homecoming? 

“Some factors to go would be to make memories and to experience a high school dance before I graduate. Some factors to not go would be because I am sleepy and broke.”

Aleli Garcia (11)

Did you attend homecoming last year? 

“I did not attend homecoming last year.”

What’s a major factor into why you went, or why you didn’t go? 

“A major factor as to why I did not go was because I thought the price of tickets just kept increasing and I was not interested in the theme.”

Do you think it’s worth it to attend? 

“I personally think it is worth it when you have a good group of friends you can go with and have fun with!” 

If you are planning to attend, what are you looking forward to the most? If not, what would you rather be doing?  

“If I am not attending, I would be doing homework, practicing my instrument, or going on a boba run with a friend!”

Tyler Truong (11)

Did you attend homecoming last year, why or why not?  

“I did not go last year because it is too expensive and I am poor.”

If you aren’t going, what will you be doing instead? 

“Instead of going, I will play video games.” 

Is there something you like/dislike about homecoming? 

“I like how it gives us a chance to spend time with our friends outside of school, but I dislike how none of my friends go anyways.”

Are you planning on attending this year? Why or why not?

“I will be attending this year because I want to experience it at least once.”

Harmony Ho (10)  

What do you think of the theme this year? 

“I think this year’s theme is cute! I love Alice in Wonderland and I am really looking forward to the decorations!”

Did you attend last year? How was that? 

“I did not attend last year and I kind of regretted it.”

Do you think you will attend again this year? Why or why not? 

“I probably will attend this year because I heard that last year’s HOCO was interesting and that most people had a good time. I hope this year’s HOCO will be good too!”

Who are you planning on going with this year? (friends or someone else?) 

“I am most likely going with friends this year, I do not really think anyone is planning on asking me out.”

Alex Morales (10) 

Did you attend last year? Why or why not? 

“I did not attend last year because of cost, and I did not feel like going.” 

What is something that you expect from homecoming?  

“Something I would expect is food, lots and lots of food.”

Were those expectations met? 

“They weren’t, because I did not attend.”

Lily Tahara (9)

Did you already know about homecoming before starting high school?  

“I did not know what a homecoming was until I asked my friends.”

If so, from where? (siblings, parents, media) 

“I heard about this event from a friend.”

What are your expectations for homecoming? 

“My expectation of homecoming is the free food, and to have fun with friends.”

Are you planning on attending? Why or why not?  

“I do not know if I can attend because I have Japanese school on Saturdays.”

Xavier Posadas (9) 

What would you expect homecoming to be like? 

“I would expect homecoming to be romantic.”

Are you planning on attending? Why or why not? 

“I am not planning on attending because I am busy on homecoming day.”

If not, what would you be doing instead? 

“The thing I would be doing instead is hanging out with my friends and going out with my family.”


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