Open House invites students to discover opportunities at Wilson

Glen A. Wilson welcomed visitors to their annual Open House held virtually on Jan. 13.

During this event, Wilson invited attendees to learn more about the different programs that the school has to offer. Presented by school administration, Open House introduced parents interested in enrolling their children to Glen A. Wilson by showing off the wide array of activities provided by the school ranging from academics to extracurricular activities.

Parents of underclassmen were also invited to join in order to learn more about what the school that their child attends has to offer.

Hacienda La Puente Unified School District superintendent Dr. Alfonso Gimenez was also present during the Zoom conference along with board members Ms. Christine Salazar and Mr. Jeffrey De La Torre.

During the event, Dr. Kenfield stressed the fact that Glen A. Wilson was “[dedicated to promoting] academics, leadership and community [within its student body].”

Social studies teacher Ms. Donna Sliger-Zertuche stated the difficulties that holding the event in an online environment held.

“It was difficult for there to be a lot of participation because of the changes this year,” Zertuche said. “There have not been many meetings to plan the content and how it would be delivered and that job has fallen on a small number of people rather than broad participation [and teamwork].”

Nevertheless, Zertuche expressed hope that the event would be a way for more people to be able to learn about the school and its programs.

“[Open House] invites the community to explore what Wilson has to offer by [showcasing] departments ranging from sports to extracurriculars. It is a great way to attract student involvement as well as provide information to prospective students,” Zertuche said.

Freshman attendee Frances Zhang believed that the program effectively displayed the school’s values to those who attended.

“Open house was a great way to learn more about [expanding your experience in high school]. There were a range of extracurriculars and organizations on display, giving students ways to develop the skills needed for [adult life],” Zhang said.


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