“OK boomer” holds more than just an insult

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  It looks like Generation Z’s tolerance for Baby Boomer antics has finally reached an end.

  In short, the phrase “OK boomer” is a response to any close-minded statements from a baby boomer, typically used on social media. 

  See someone tweeting about how racism no longer exists in America? “OK boomer.” Or maybe a Facebook post about how lazy today’s teens are? “OK, boomer.”  

  As a result, the response has been used to end countless arguments, effectively dismissing practically all remarks from unsuspecting elders.

  Naturally, those who have fallen victim to the phrase are very offended by it. There has been plenty of backlash from individuals that claim the phrase reveals just how entitled the younger generation is.

  However, contrary to what many older people believe, “OK boomer” is not simply young people’s new way of disrespecting their elders. Rather, the phrase is Generation Z’s method of retaliating against the close- minded worldview and intense criticism of today’s youth that is so prevalent among baby boomers. 

  Overall, the phrase “OK boomer” indicates Generation Z’s frustration with the generations before them. Due to the stark difference in opinions between younger and older people, it appears that disdain for baby boomers will not die down anytime soon. 

  Of course, even when “OK boomer” stops being quite so effective and controversial, young people will always have new ways to express their frustration and stand their ground. 


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