Nothing more American or hyperspeculated than Super Bowl Sunday

  Super Bowl Sunday on Feb. 11 captivated audiences from all over the world. With a historic record of 202.4 million views, a 10% increase from last year’s. Whether the jolt in viewership is attributed to a falsely rumored Justin Bieber appearance alongside 2000s R&B icon Usher in the halftime show or global music megastar–and now NFL girlfriend–Taylor Swift (who, by just her appearance this season, generated over $330 million for the NFL and Chiefs, equating Tom Brady’s 23-year career earnings), the NFL’s popularity has surpassed pre-pandemic levels. 

  But aside from social media and television tactics, the competitiveness of both conferences leading up to the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs matchup was enough to entice fans in over 190 countries. 

  However, in the most unentertaining manner possible, defense on both teams was so good that for most plays, only a few yards were gained by. It hardly felt like a true Super Bowl with the suspenseful element Patriots v. Broncos rivalry games had throughout my childhood. 

  Throughout the playoffs was I more enthralled by the unpredicatablility of high-scoring affair matchups and the insane evoked dedication of Lions’ defensive ends Lions’ Aiden Hutchinson or Texan’s rookie quarterback CJ Stroud. 

  In particular, the consistent scoring between the Detroit Lions and Los Angeles Rams in the Wild Card or the close field-goal-missing-loss of the Buffalo Bills against the Chiefs or the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ rise post-Brady against the 49ers set overly high expectations for last Sunday’s game. 

  Nonetheless, what kept fans hooked for days besides 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey’s outstanding total of 22 carries (compared to a RB average of 8 per game)–quite deserving of a ring–was the 9ers staff admittance to misunderstanding this season’s new overtime rules. 

  In comparison to a single 10-minute overtime period in the regular season, –in which both teams get at least one possession, even if the first team scores a touchdown–the new postseason overtime rules consist of as many 15-minute periods necessary until there is a winner. The cruciality that ultimately led to the 49ers’ loss–despite an insane record up to this point–was that if the team with the ball first does not score a touchdown or a tie remains after both teams have possession, the other team’s score would automatically win the game. 

  If 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan, son of former 49ers Super Bowl winning head coach Mike Shanahan, truly understood this or had 100% faith that the 9ers defense could tie in overtime with a Chief’s field goal, Shanahan would have strapped kicker Jake Moody to the bench and urged Quarterback Brock Purdy to take the overtime 4th down risk for a 15-yard touchdown.

  “That’s something we talked about,” San Francisco coach Kyle Shanahan told the Associated Press. “None of us have a ton of experience of it.”

  Doing so gave the Chiefs the opportunity they had been practicing for months in the preseason under Head Coach Andy Reid’s meticulous preparedness for the post-season change–already manifesting a post-season spot before it all began. 

  In the overtime coin toss, Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes is shown notably shocked by the 9ers decision to take possession first–especially under the understanding that the 49ers were completely aware of Mahomes’ reputable skill, precision, and resourcefulness during the last few minutes of a tied game. 

  Essentially lacking the defense to stop an on-fire Chief’s offense after the 49ers’ mere 3-point field goal, the game was already over. 

NFL script allegations have flooded the official NFL Instagram comment section. Comments like “The glazing is insane,” “it’s all rigged,” “sending hate from my living room,” or “like this comment if you hate the chiefs” have likes counts up to 20,000. 

There are already predictions that Cincinnati bengals quarterback Joe Burrow—the only quarterback (besides retired legend, but equally as hated, Tom Brady) to beat Mahomes in a playoff game—is the only one capable of preventing Mahomes from a fourth super bowl ring before 30.


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