Not the New Emma Chamberlain


 Move over Emma Chamberlain, there is a new queen bee in town.

 Joana Ceddia, a 17-year-old YouTuber, has reached over one million subscribers in a span of just three months. She decided to start her YouTube channel in August of this year simply for pleasure to take her mind off a recent injury. Little did she know, she would exceed one million subscribers in a short amount of time. From her unique, creative video concepts to her simple, yet entertaining editing, Joana Ceddia is bringing back the spirit of old YouTube.

   Initially, she had absolutely no subscribers and barely received any views. Ceddia uploaded her first video on June 28th titled “Me Getting Frustrated with Paint: MY FIRST YOUTUBE VIDEO!” In the video, she paints a picture inspired by a photo she found online in her bedroom. Even though she does not really formally introduce herself, the audience gets to know her quirky, comedic personality.

 Five days after posting her first video, Ceddia posted a thrift haul video in which she gained one subscriber. Despite low views, Ceddia did not focus on the view count and instead genuinely enjoyed making creative content for her audience and herself. Unlike most YouTubers, instead of focusing on making money or becoming famous, Ceddia stayed true to herself and made videos simply just to entertain. She didn’t strive for perfection in her videos, but made sure they were enjoyable to her and her audience.

 At the end of July, she reached seven subscribers by posting consistently. A few videos later, she posted her hair cutting video titled “i cut my hair with craft scissors,” and obtained 100 views after one week. Two weeks later, she hit 10 subscribers.  Ceddia acknowledged that “things were starting to pick up” and also noticed that she began getting two to three subscribers per day. Her positive mindset and perseverance set her apart from most YouTubers in which she was able to set a good example to her viewers.

 Essentially, Ceddia blew up because of her Do-it-yourself (DIY) Emma Chamberlain video, which officially now has over 4.4 million views. In her video, Ceddia addresses the controversy of Youtuber Emma Chamberlain’s overpriced merchandise and decides to personally hand make replicas. Ceddia expected that the video would reach 1,000 views at most due to having  Emma Chamberlain in her title. However, the video went viral and received over 500,000 views in one day. After this, her subscriber count went from 500 subscribers to 10,000 subscribers overnight. The day after her channel exploded, she gained 100,000 subscribers and gradually started to grow a following hitting 300,000 subscribers a week later.

 Furthermore, Ceddia is unique because her videos pay homage to the spirit of old YouTube. Rather than using high-quality production and sophisticated editing, Ceddia took a different route and presented a simplistic approach using ken burns, zoom-ins, distortion and iMovie sound effects. Even though her editing may seem unoriginal, she still manages to attract her audience with her comedic personality. In other words, Ceddia’s relatable character and appeal to the general teenage population won the hearts of viewers and successfully gained a large following.

  However, with her soaring popularity also came hate and backlash. Many people called Ceddia out claiming she appeared to be “imitating” Emma Chamberlain because of their similar editing styles. In addition, viewers were also comparing her to another viral YouTube sensation, Antonio Garza. In Ceddia’s video titled “Waxing and Ranting: The Sequel,” she spills the tea on the hate comments in regards to her “imitating Emma.” She addresses how despite her and Chamberlain’s similar editing styles, she is her own person and is actually completely different in various ways. For example, unlike Chamberlain, Ceddia hates coffee and does not find the Dolan Twins attractive, in which viewers are surprised to see how different she actually is to Chamberlain.

 All in all, not only has Joana Ceddia gained so much success over the past few months, but has proven to be one of the most relatable and creative YouTubers this year. Her natural artistic talent and her signature comedic wit and her simple, yet engaging video production, allows Ceddia to inspire her audience to not be afraid to put themselves out there, regardless of what other people may say. In addition, she encourages viewers to start their own channels and focus on being happy creating content that they enjoy instead of doing it for the fame. In the end, people want to see the real influencer behind the screen. Joana Ceddia is definitely changing the game in the YouTube community, and is creating her own unique platform for individuality to inspire others.

 Emma Chamberlain who?   


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