NIKI’s Latest Single Reaches New Heights


  I don’t pause for no song, but I pause for Indigo, go, go go.

  On Aug. 13, 88rising released NIKI’s long awaited single, “Indigo” in accompaniment with a breathtaking music video. With its catchy chorus, wavy synths, upbeat melody, and stunning visuals, “Indigo” easily captivated fans worldwide.   

  The track opens with a triad of unique psychedelic chords and NIKI’s velvety voice singing, “You know I’m your type, right? (right)/Mark your calendar, tonight’s gonna be your life’s highlight” effectively setting the verse’s tone to be playful and confident. 

  Throughout the song, NIKI delves into her personal contemplations about  how it is time to “test” all the borderlines of her relationship and see how far it will go. Not to mention, “Indigo’s” unique tune and feisty dynamic is the pinnacle of female empowerment and displays more than enough “spunk, gumption and attitude.”   

  On the same day of the release, 88rising also published “Indigo’s” highly anticipated music video, which has since received over two million views. The visualizer illustrates NIKI as a female fatale with a powerful allure as she and her several butlers invite a young man into her mansion. As the song continues, the butlers prepare for the couple’s meal and attempt to warn the visitor. In no time, NIKI quickly catches on and the young man soon falls into her trap and ultimately joins the other butlers as a zombified companion. 

  In short, “Indigo” is a song you do not want to miss. 

  Nicole Zefanya, well-known as NIKI, initially began her career on Youtube and quickly gained popularity for her contemporary vocals and covers. Her fame only grew as she released “Polaroid Boy” in 2016 and “Anaheim” the year after. By 2018, NIKI expanded her career, retired from her channel and signed under the 88rising management company. 

  NIKI is one of the many artists featured under the 88rising brand, including popular figures such as  Rich Brian, Joji, Higher Brothers and AUGUST 08. Best known for their iconic 2018 Head in the Clouds album and all asian members, 88rising continues to defy stereotypes and climb the entertainment industry’s ladder of success with its combined talent abundance of asian  representation. 

 Since its debut, the label quickly made a name for itself with its amazing festivals, talented artists and unique message as it easily exploded overnight on social media and topped the charts. 

  Only days ago, 88rising hosted its second annual “Head in the Clouds” music festival at the Los Angeles State Historic Park. During the event, thousands of fans gathered to celebrate all of their favorite artists at one of the only Asian-centric youth hip-hop festivals in the United States.  

  There, NIKI debuted “Indigo” for the first time in a live performance and shared the stage with other popular asian artists such as DPR LIVE, iKON, Rich Brian and Jackson Wang. Despite the song’s recent release, NIKI was met with an unceasing fervor of enthusiasm and love from her fans, who sang every line of the single alongside her. 

  Most recently, 88rising has released several indications towards a second compilation album from its signees and several unnamed guests, through social media reveals and a dazzling visual of a robotic female surfer amidst a beautiful beach and ethereal sunset. 

  As for NIKI, it is unclear as to what the future holds for such a gifted artist. “Indigo’s” release is only a further indication of NIKI’s extraordinary capabilities and talent. Rather, it is known that the only place she will go is up. 

  With that, the only question left to ask is: How far up will “Indigo” go?

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