NFL Player Rob Gronkowski heads for retirement


 Following ten awe-inspiring years on the acclaimed New England Patriots, tight end Rob Gronkowski has announced the definitive end of his career.

 For months, Gronkowski has hinted toward his retirement and simulated rumors, but finally on March 24, announced his departure from the Patriots through a heartwarming Instagram post. Although the news received overwhelming support from his team and his fans, Gronkowski’s presence among the Patriots is sure to be missed because of the consequences it will cause.

 Throughout his career, Gronkowski has accumulated various titles and now boasts a touchdown for every 6.6 receptions and an average of 0.69 touchdowns per game—statistics which rank the third highest in the National Football League (NFL). Dubbed a fresh cup of water by his teammates,  Gronkowski has become known for always remaining optimistic and never in a distasteful mood.

 Unfortunately for the Patriots, given that Gronkowski was one of the best offensive players the team has to offer, it will be no surprise when the team suffers next season.

 For the last decade, the Patriots have had Gronkowski as an amazing tight end with skills that have helped the Patriots win game after game, and create a successful presence and legacy for themselves in the Super Bowl.

 Of the six Super Bowls they have qualified for, the Patriots have emerged victorious in three in the past five years, largely influenced by Gronkowski’s exceptional abilities and dedication. His great offensive plays have proven to render other teams’ defenses instant failures as demonstrated during the Patriots’ victory in the 2019 Super Bowl against the Los Angeles Rams.

 The Rams and the Patriots were at a stalemate for most of the game, but the Patriots’ first score was made by Gronkowski because he was able to get past all of the Rams’ defenses,  feet that most tight ends have been able to accomplish.

 From the earliest of his experiences starting for the Patriots, Gronkowski has outstanding accomplishments: kicking off with an average of 97.9 yards per game and scoring many touchdowns. Not to mention, during one especially climatic game, he scored an impressive two touchdowns, ran over 146 yards and recorded eight catches. Without a doubt, Gronkowski is a powerhouse to be reckoned with and many other teams are surely grateful to see him leave the NFL.

Since his announcement, many opposing teams’ coaches and support have not been afraid to express their glee in the fact of the matter.

 The main reason why Gronkowski is leaving has to do with the many injuries throughout his NFL career like sprained ankles, bad hamstrings, a fractured forearm and his bad problems, which has caused him a lot of struggles. This, for the most part, did not stop him from playing professional football. Even though his injuries had made him struggle, he was still a great player. His skills are going to be hard to replace in the Patriots because of his amazing abilities. The future for Gronkowski is unknown from here, but there has been speculation that he might go into an acting career. This is mostly due to his appearances in television shows like Family Guy and the fact that past sports stars like Dwayne Johnson, have told Gronkowski that he could get a lot of money from working in the acting industry.  

 A well-respected and exceptional player, Gronkowski will undoubtedly continue his legacy as a role model for future football players and aspiring individuals alike. He is going to affect not only his team but many of his fans with his retirement because of how much of an impact he has on the football and a symbol as a great player. However, there is nothing that impedes well deserved Gronkowski’s retirement and we hope that Gronkowski is well off in his post-NFL life.


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