New Year, same old– Wildcats give insight on how 2022 shaped their lives

Mason Lieu (12)

What is something you look forward to in the second semester?

“Something that I am looking forward to [in] the 2nd semester would be my graduation and college acceptance letters.”

What is the most memorable part of 2022?

“The most memorable part of 2022 would be watching the sophomores dominate spirit weeks.”

What would you say to yourself 12 months away from now and why?

“I would say to myself 12 months away from now that everything is going to be okay and that whatever happens happens. [I would say this] because I am feeling a lot of pressure and anxiety waiting for acceptance letters. I just want to tell myself that it does not matter what college I end up in as long as I believe in my own capabilities and work hard and I will be okay.”

What is your favorite day out of the entire winter break and why?

“My favorite day would be the 31st of December because everything was a first for me: [it was] my 18th birthday, and my first escape room [with] friends.”

Anjolie Hsu (12)

How would you rate 2022 on a scale of one to ten and why?

“I mean, I would rate it a seven. It was not particularly memorable for me, so it is a seven.”

If possible, would you agree to go through final exams again to time travel for another winter break?

“No, I would not go through finals again. And winter break was stressful for me too. I would rather be closer to the end of the school year.”

What is one specific goal you have for 2023 and how do you plan on achieving this goal?

“I am going to try to not fail my math class and I am achieving this goal by doing my homework.”

Is there a show or movie you are looking forward to watching in 2023?

“No, I do not have a show or movie that I am looking forward to watching at the moment.”

Nathan Kim (11)

If you had to open the new semester with five words, what would you say and why?

“I would say ‘this is going [be] interesting’ because every semester can be repetitive, or it can be super different and unexpected.”

What did you do to celebrate the new year?

“I drank apple cider, watched TV, called some friends and stayed up very late.”

What do you miss about 2022?

“I miss going out with friends during summer vacation in 2022.”

Name one thing you did not like about the winter break and why?

“I did not like staying home all day because it was boring.”

Sophia Razura (11)

If you were to pick three colors to describe 2023 so far, what would they be and why?

“Black, dark purple, dark blue — because there has been too much rain.”

What would you like to say to yourself 12 months ago from now?

“I would say ‘focus on school’ because why not!”

What is the least fun thing about winter break?

“The last day of the winter break was the least fun since we have to come back to school [the next day].”

Would you rather go ice skating or roller skating?

“I would rather go ice skating because ice skaters look like they always have fun.”

Izaiah De Leon (10) 

What was the most memorable part of the winter break?

“The most memorable part of the winter break is spending time with family like watching movies and eating tamales and pozole.”

What are your three new year’s resolutions?

“My three new year’s resolutions are getting a workout routine, taking better care of myself, and eating healthier foods.”

To a new semester, what would you like to say to yourself and your peers?

“I would like to say to myself to keep up the hard work, do not give up and to always pay attention in classes. To the people around me, I want to tell them that to never give up — you may have some obstacles but never let them take you down, and have a great year, wildcats!”

What is your favorite holiday activity?

“My favorite holiday activity is making tamales.”

Nalanie Flores (10)

What did you do to keep yourself entertained during the winter break?

“I kept myself entertained during the winter break by decorating for Christmas, crocheting for my club, watching movies and ice skating.”

What is your top goal for 2023?

“My top goal for 2023 is to manage and utilize my time more wisely.”

How have you prepared for the second semester?

“I have prepared for the second semester by organizing myself and being more willing to ask my teachers for help with difficult assignments.”

Would you rather receive a Macbook or iPhone as a holiday present and why?

“If had the choice to receive either a Macbook or an iPhone, I would choose a Macbook because I have a greater need for [something] I can use for my homework and school-related projects.”

Brian Bik (9) 

What was your favorite part of the winter break?

“My favorite part of winter break was spending time with my cousins.”

What are you looking forward to in the new year?

“I guess I look forward to anything that is better than what happened in the past three years.”

How would you describe winter break in three colors and why?

“Winter break is green, blue, and yellow. These colors are all toward the lighter side of the color spectrum and they are often associated with happiness.”

Would you rather have an Amazon gift card or a Roblox gift card for Christmas (assuming they are the same amount in value)? 

“Amazon, because there is a lot more use for an Amazon gift card.”

Ximena Brown (9)

How would you describe the winter break in 3 words and why?

“I would describe winter break as calm, refreshing, and enjoyable. It was a great time to relax after the semester, as well as [a time to] reflect on all the good times in 2022. After winter break, I am definitely ready to come back to school and start anew.”

What are your goals for the new school year?

“This school semester, I want to continue working hard. I am proud of my academic efforts in the last semester, so I want to continue the good work.”

How did you unwind and relax during the winter break?

“Over the winter break, I spent a lot of time on hobbies that I did not have time for during the school semester. Doing the things I love was a great way to unwind from the stress of school work.”

What was your favorite holiday present and why?

“My favorite holiday gift was from my parents, who got me a pair of shoes that I have wanted for a while. They are very pretty and I have [previously] accepted that I would never own a pair — so you can imagine my surprise when I opened that present on Christmas morning.”

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