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New show Killing Eve is a hit

killing eve

 Killing Eve is the new television show you will not want to miss.

 In the new drama/thriller series Killing Eve on BBC America, MI5 spy Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh) and assassin Villanelle (Jodie Comer), both extremely bored with their jobs,  obsessively pursue each other for the sake of their jobs. In a twist on the classic spy and assassin scenario, both women are imperfect yet hilarious, down-to-earth and brilliant in their own ways.

 Although on the surface the show may seem cliché and dull, Killing Eve ultimately proves to be a rising star among the countless new TV shows. With its suspenseful buildups and  top-notch acting, the show is sure to be a hit.

 In the first ten minutes of the first episode, there are multiple suspenseful scenes that result in a comedic ending, surprising viewers. For example, Eve’s first appearance is her yelling in agony. At first, viewers are a little shocked and concerned at the obviously chilling mood. However, when Eve gives reason that she “fell asleep on both [her] arms,” the audience lets out a sigh of relief and maybe even a laugh. There are several more instances of this same build up and humorous ending throughout the episode. While the suspense draws viewers in and makes them continue watching to find out what happens next, the funny ending adds an amusing element to the otherwise dark show.

 Moreover, Oh and Comer both display their amazing acting talents. Both actresses fit right into their character, with Oh portraying the brilliant, humorous spy and Comer playing the  skilled, psychopathic assassin.

 For instance, in the first episode, Oh performs her role with excellent accuracy, giving comedic relief at the right times while never relinquishing the highly intelligent side of her character. In other words, Oh is maturely funny.

Furthermore, Comer magnificently delivers her role as a silent, cold and brooding assassin. Like Oh, Comer’s character is hilarious at times. Yet Comer perfectly distinguishes this humor from a regular person: this humor is that of a cold-hearted killer with a twisted sense of amusement. Namely, in Villanelle’s first appearance, she purposely knocks over a child’s ice cream bowl. This action perfectly exemplifies her sick and twisted humor.

 In addition, the hilarity of both these female characters contributes to their relatability. Eve is like any other human in the world: waking up late for work, making sarcastic remarks about a co-worker and eating breakfast hurriedly during an important meeting. Villanelle also blends into society perfectly. For example, she helps to pick up an item that a random stranger drops on the train and jokes with her elderly neighbor about her slow pace going down the stairs. All in all, they are extraordinary people disguised as ordinary people.

 Ultimately, Killing Eve is the new drama series that will keep  viewers hooked. The pieces on the board are set, and they’re ready to make their moves.

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