New school year brings long lunch lines for students

Glen A. Wilson now serves free breakfast and lunch for the 2021-2022 school year to provide the nutrients students need.

California was the first state to offer statewide free meals, regardless of income. All students are allowed to get free breakfast and lunch at school. However, some students are struggling due to waiting times for lunch drastically increasing.

Assistant Principal Samuel Sanford went on record to say that one of the reasons that lunch lines are longer than usual is because the lunch team is understaffed. He added that line-jumping and grabbing more than one lunch is not allowed.

“I have been monitoring the lines at lunch lately, and they are improving from 20 minutes to around 10 to 15 because fewer students are line-jumping,” said Sanford.

According to freshman Brandon Gallegos, the variety of food served, especially the Asian food and the pizza, are great. However, he recommends that more lines should be opened up so that students can get in and out faster than they can now.

“Long lines make me not want to get lunch some days. I think one solution to this problem is to open up more lines for students who eat school lunch, ” said Gallegos.

Furthermore, senior Crystal Lee expressed the possible need for two lunch periods as there are many students gathered into a single area.

“It makes it harder on the staff,” said Lee.

Mr. Sanford has stated that the school does not want to go “the nuclear option” of having two lunch periods but adds that it might be necessary if wait times stay the same. Administrators will continue to monitor the situation and make changes.

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