New Scarlet and Violet Pokemon Game features new starters and glitches

The new Pokémon games are out, and it is already starting to fall apart. 

The new Scarlet and Violet Pokémon games were released on November 18th, featuring a wide variety of new Pokémon, with their evolutions. 

Although fans viciously anticipated the new Pokemons set to be introduced, this game failed to live up to its expectation.

Starting off with grass types, Sprigatito is a pale green cat with bright green leaf designs on its face, ears, and neck. Sprigatito evolves into Floragato, with similar green and dark green leaf designs, and a cat that now stands on two legs. This evolves into Meowscarada, a more humanoid-looking cat with a dark green mask and pink collar. The name Sprigatito derives from the English word ‘sprig’, meaning a small branch of a plant, and ‘gatito’, the Spanish word for kitten. In the final evolution Meowscarada, its signature move is Flower Trick. 

The next starter is the fire-type Pokémon Fuecoco. This starter appears to be a baby red crocodile with yellow markings and dark gray toes. It eventually evolves into Crocalor and then Skeledirge, larger crocodiles of the same color. Crocalor develops a large fire egg that wears as a hat, and it later turns into a blast of fire pouring out of its head after its final evolution. The signature move of Skeledirge is Torch Song.  

Lastly, the water-type starter Pokémon is Quaxly, a small white duckling with light blue feet and a large tuft of feathers covering its head. Quaxly goes on to evolve into Quaxwell and Quaquaval, with its design gradually changing from a white duck to a dark blue duck with a longer tail. Its feet go from blue to yellow, then to orange. The final evolution resembles that of a real-life peacock or a heron. Quaquaval also has the signature move of Aqua-Step. 

As players gradually try to interact throughout the game, they discover all sorts of glitches or mistakes, some hilarious and others concerning. Such mess-ups include players falling through the world, the in-game character being displayed incorrectly, or Pokémon exhibiting unusual behaviors. In fact, the amount of obvious development mistakes in the game has become so apparent that it is currently a hashtag on TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram, where players post video clips of the ever-growing amount of mistakes they find in the game. 

Even though a majority of the mistakes made in the game are hilarious, fans are still upset they paid for an unfinished game. Of course, glitches happen all the time in game development, and it is not uncommon for a couple to slip through review, but the level at which they occur in the game is abnormal. A portion of fans spoke out online complaining about paying as much as $120 for both Scarlet and Violet Pokémon games, only to receive a broken, half-finished prototype. Many fans were left wondering how a multi-billion dollar company let such mistakes happen.

After backlash started pouring online, the video game company Nintendo released an apology for the sub-par game, “consolidating” fans with a patch update for the game to be released on December 1st. The move was seen as uncharacteristic of the company, but fans are still debating whether or not the update will fix anything.  

Whether or not Nintendo’s updates have changed the game for the better, this game will go down in Pokémon history as one of the most hilarious outcomes for what was supposed to be a finished product. Players all over the world are still sharing every new glitch they find, no matter how small or significant. 

With Nintendo’s supposed patch update on both the Scarlet and Violet 

Pokémon games, hopefully, the fans can now catch up on the new and corrected version of the game.

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