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Megan’s Must-Watch: Golden Kamuy

Megan_s Must Watch

 Spring is not the only season everyone is excited for. New anime seasons will begin to premiere throughout the month of April.  A lot of the anime that is being released this spring are additions to series. While fans of My Hero Academia, Yowamushi Pedal and Food Wars! are expecting another season, those who are looking for a brand new series to dive into should watch Golden Kamuy.

 Golden Kamuy is an anime adaptation of a manga under the same name. Written by Satoru Noda, this series has drawn people in with its attention to detail in regards to Ainu culture and its comedy relief.  

 The story is set in Northern Japan around 1905. The main character, Sugimoto the Immortal, is a veteran of the recent Russo-Japanese War. Sugimoto is accompanied by a young girl named Asirpa, an Ainu girl with remarkable hunting and cooking skills. The pair are on a quest to search Hokkaido for gold that was hidden away by an Ainu criminal.

 Golden Kamuy spends much of its time on Ainu culture, from its hunting methods to its beliefs and myths. The Ainu was a real indigenous group who lived in Northern Japan. The series title itself pays homage to Ainu culture, where “kamuy” means “god.”

 Throughout the series, Asirpa introduces Sugimoto to the way her people hunt, cook, and survive.  The writer, Noda, makes sure to accurately describe the Ainu culture.

 While this series is violent and strange, its comedic relief attracts an audience. Most of its comedy comes from the cultural misunderstandings between Ainu and the Japanese, the accidental run-ins with the antagonists and the facial expressions. These silly moments contradict the story’s dark premise and is a nice break from the heavy plot.  

 Overall, Golden Kamuy is a series dedicated anime fans should keep their eye on. Its accurate details and wonderful comedic relief will take the audience into an interesting journey throughout Hokkaido.

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