Netflix: The Bridge from America to the Rest of the World

From Squid Games to Demon Slayer, Netflix is branching out to all kinds of categories to expose their viewers to different cultures around the world.

Netflix exposes viewers to other cultures in order to show them the difference between different countries and the way they produce media and entertainment. Using films to show America different cultures is a great development by Netflix considering how triumphant shows like Squid Game were. They bring different takes on shows that viewers would never see from an American film. Due to Netflix’s revolutionary step towards inclusivity,  we have seen how much people from all around the world love the variety of cultures and stories that are being presented to them. Netflix makes it easier to watch films and shows from other countries, which helps build empathy and develop a shared understanding of the world.

The way people are exposed to media entertainment has rapidly changed, especially through Netflix. 

Netflix is able to rely on a large library of proprietary content to feed its 214 million paid members in over 190 countries, therefore making it impossible to compete with these big Hollywood companies. So it is increasingly creating original productions, which includes a number of non-English language originals from places such as Mexico, France, Italy, Japan and Brazil. 

Most recently, Kdramas and Cdramas have also risen in popularity since being added to Netflix. These shows range from reality to crime and sci-fi to romance, dramas and more. Not only did these types of shows expose diversity to viewers across America but showed how different shows from other countries are.

Anime is also an example of the successful global marketing of streaming platforms. Though the genre already attracted heaps of attention in the past,  the introduction of the pandemic allowed international viewers to enjoy its unique kind of animation style on a large scale. By intentionally targeting a younger audience, shows as Demon Slayer reveals to their audience the different types of media that are shown in places like Japan, which is different from the animation styles we see in America. People had tons of time to binge anime and get addicted to them.

European shows like Young Royals also depict the contrast between  American viewers, portraying the gorgeous scenery of Sweden through enthralling cinematic sequences. . Giving Americans a taste of their culture, enabling them to experience the type of shows that they watch. But in the case of shows like The GodFather or Emily in Paris, they are depicting a stereotype that is not true and although it will bring in viewership from international audiences they will not be able to make this appeal to the culture of origin. So Netflix must provide foreign shows that appeal to local audiences as well as having international potential. 

So in order for Netflix to become truly international and expose their viewers to the real cultures around the world, they will have to promote the development of local ideas from smaller countries, not just the larger ones with well developed cultural industries

Netflix intends to distribute its localized content internationally, beyond the local markets. A side effect of this strategy could be that Netflix sticks to the traditional way that media informs our understanding of foreign people and lands by more accurately representing these places. Netflix’s transformative potential comes from allowing local creatives to tell stories about their own cultures and then distributing them truly internationally. It will depend on the company’s willingness to implement this strategy in a consistent, sustained, inclusive and thoughtful fashion.

Therefore, The widespread exposure of Netflix’s international media will undoubtedly change the way viewers think and feel about other cultures they have never come into direct contact with. Viewers will be able to connect with people all around the world without ever having to come into contact with them.

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