Music Beats the Heart holds Valentine’s Day rally

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Glen A. Wilson’s Music Beats the Heart joined with the Associated Student Body (ASB) hosted a Valentine’s Rally in the amphitheater on Feb. 11.

The rally consisted of exciting stages performed by Wilson students. 

For instance, Caroline Gin (11) made an outstanding performance of Cloud 9 by Beach Bunny. Gin stated the experience was “a blur” due to the nerves.

“I really wanted to look at the audience, but I just stared at my fingers playing the guitar the entire time,” Gin said. “Even though I was nervous, I was not as afraid as I thought I would be.”

Going up on a stage and performing in front of hundreds of people requires a lot of bravery. Gin shares the reasons why she decided to perform.

“I think I wanted to face my fears and fulfill the singing dreams of my elementary school self,” Gin said. “When I saw the opportunity to perform, I did not want to have any regrets of never trying.”

Moreover, member and performer Irisa Le (11) shares some difficulties she faced during her performance of Everything Has Changed by Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran with Lindsay Lim (11).

“A difficulty we faced was that my partner’s microphone settings were too low, and it was hard for the audience to hear her,” Le said. “Besides that, I believe that we held an amazing performance.”

On top of that, Yumeng Chen (9), a member of the audience, shares her thoughts on the rally.

“I enjoyed being able to just sit with my friends and listen to our amazing singers,” she said. “The songs were great, and I am happy the singers got to showcase their talent.”

Music Beats the Heart looks forward to hosting future events that can showcase their members’ amazing talents.


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