Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre—Who was at the Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Amelia?

Emily Sanchez (12)

Nancy Harris; Detective

Where are you from? 

“I am from the Asrani Kingdom.”

Tell us a little about your past. 

 “I was raised by a single mother, and I became a detective to reopen the case of who murdered my father. After 15 years, his murderer was found by me.”

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? 

“I enjoy watching true crime documentaries.”

What was the craziest theory about the murder you heard from other guests? 

“The craziest theory I heard was people suspecting the doll in the heirloom gallery to have murdered the victims.”

Will we be seeing you again?

“Hopefully not, I do not think we need any more mysteries around here!”

Michael Twyning (12)

Ralair Fairendyle; Duke of Coenraad Kingdom
Who are you, and why were you at the coronation party?
“My name is Ralair Fairendyle, The Duke of Coenraad! I have come to this coronation to seek Prince Amelia’s hand in marriage… which I will have.”

Where are you from?
“I am from the marvelous Kingdom of Corenraad as I have stated before.”

Is there anyone at the event you particularly dislike?
“There is but one particular man [who] I cannot stand, and that is the boy from Panela, Sage Pierce. He is after Amelia’s hand as well, but you can rest assured—that nuisance will come to an end.”

How do you feel about the murders that occurred?
“Why, I feel nothing for the murder of Sage. All I must say is good riddance!” 

Do you have any words for the peasants?
“Why would I have a word for… them… they are beneath me.” 


Mia Leyva (12)
Rosalie Monroe; Commoner

Who are you, and why were you at the coronation party?
“Hello! I am Rosalie Monroe from the Kingdom of Mrynthia. Dorothy and I are acquaintances with Queen Amelia through business. She knows my mother, the tailor of her outfits, very well that we got invited to the coronation! I heard rumors that a couple of commoners snuck in… not sure why everyone asks Dorothy and me if we know anything. Why would we? We got invited just like everyone else since this coronation is invitation only!” 

What do you do for a living?
“I help my mother, Mary Monroe, run her large mainstream clothing shop. I make, fix and create many prestigious outfits alongside my mother. You have probably heard of her. But do not bother searching us up, only the most prestigious people are given our custom-made outfits.”

Who is the most feared princess, and why?
“I would say Princess Amelia is the most feared princess. Do not mess with her; she does not allow anyone one to disturb her plans. She is one of the sweetest princesses you will ever meet, but do not cross her… you will regret it, as we learned from Azami.”

Do you have any pet peeves?
“Yes! I absolutely despise liars! Anyone who lies through their teeth has no respect from me. That is why I never lie! [Actually,] I have never lied once in my life! I have never needed to, therefore everything I have ever said is the truth. I cannot stand a liar, especially when they lie straight to someone’s face!”

Do any of the attendees have secrets you are aware of?
“Oh, Ralair and Lorreli… the whole entire coronation, they referred to Ralair as ‘Ray-lair’! We found out about his lies and wrongdoings, you know… how he killed Sage Pierce through the manipulation of Princess Astoria! Lorreli has always been aware of his intentions, but she hated him.”

Second from right.

Amy Taing (11)
Astoria Paloma; Princess of Asrani Kingdom

Who are you, and why were you at the coronation party?
“Hello, my name is Princess Astoria. [Last week, I attended the coronation] because my sister was going to be crowned queen [on that night].”

Who did you trust?
“Of course, I trusted my little sister, Alice, and one of our guards Lilith is one of my best friends. These two were the people I was closest with in the kingdom.”

Did the event meet your expectations?
“I think there were many mishaps with people getting murdered and all, but I think it was a success because my sister was not crowned queen in the end which is good because I do not think she would have been a good fit for the throne.”

What happened after the coronation?
“In the end, there was no coronation because of the murders of Sage Pierce and Azami Paloma, my older sister.”

What is the worst kingdom to get exiled to?
“In my opinion, I think [the Kingdom of] Merioth would be the worst to be exiled to considering the high crime rate and all. Though, my sister turned out fine…so, who knows?”


Mia Chow-Perdomo (11)

Amelia Paloma; Princess of Asrani Kingdom, future Queen

Who are you?
“I am Amelia Paloma. I was raised in the Kingdom of Asrani, and I have three sisters: Azami, Astoria and Alice. I loved my mother very much and was extremely sad when she passed about a year ago. I have always wanted to carry on her legacy and rule Asrani with kindness and charisma. Helena is now like a mother to me and has always supported me.”

What was your reason for coming to the coronation?
“I was most certainly looking forward to the coronation, and I attended as I was to be coronated.”

Where were you at the time of the murder?
“By the time my best friend, Sage, was murdered I was speaking to most of the guests and continuing to know more about them. I was far away from the heirloom room and toward the back tables by the banquet hall.” 

Tell us a little about your backstory.
“Azami’s exile took a toll on my life. I knew secrets that she had found in the kingdom’s archives, and I found out how she completely wanted to change mother’s ways. After her exile, mother prepared me extensively to become queen, and I did the best that I could to carry on her legacy. I truly love the Kingdom of Asrani and only want the best for it.”

What was your relationship with the victim?
“Sage Pierce was my best friend. I, him and Catherine Thermopolis went to a prestigious boarding school together in Asrani, and we all met there. Our trio would always hang out by the pond by the courtyard, and we would talk about anything for hours. Sage was my suitor, and the night of the coronation he proposed to me. I had not prioritized marriage at the time, and I told him I would give him by decision as soon as I could. The only choice was between him and Ralair, but now I regret not [giving] Sage an answer sooner. May he rest in peace.”


Sydney Buck (11)

Lorreli Faulkner; Diplomat from Coenraad

Who are you, and why were you at Queen Amelia’s coronation?
“My name is Lorreli Faulkner, and I am a Diplomat from Coenraad. I was at the coronation representing my Kingdom.”

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.
“In my family, it is a tradition that the oldest child in the new generation becomes a Diplomat. I am the first girl in my family who is the oldest, [so this responsibility falls on me].” 

Where do you come from?
“I come from the Kingdom of Coenraad.”

Who was your favorite attendee at the coronation?
“Helena Johnson, [the princess’ godmother, is]. I have met her on previous trips to Asrani, and she has always been very kind to me.

How did you know the victim?
“I had only ever heard about Sage, I never met him, but I know Ralair considered him an opponent in fighting for Amelia’s hand in marriage.”


Hailley Gutierrez (11)

Trixie; Court Jester

Who are you? 

“[I am] Trixie, a staff member, [and I serve] as the Asrani royal family’s jester.”

Did any of the guests have theories you were intrigued by? 

“Yes, they thought I killed Azami, my best friend, because she was mean to me after not seeing me for a long time… which, I understand, you know. But, like, I rather not risk killing someone because I need a place to stay, duh.”

Which of the attendees are you closest to? 

“I love to pull tricks on Lilith, a guard for the royal family and I am kind of close to the princesses just because they [absolutely] ‘love’ my amazing pranks.” 

In your opinion, what is the best theatre in all the land? 

“It is Glen A. Wilson’s Little Theatre!” 

What do you wish you could say to the victim? 

“It sucks to die, but oh well.” 

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