Movements: Not moving but changing


  Influential movements are a way for public opinions to be heard. Will you be a part of the movements happening today?

  Throughout the decades, there have been multiple movements that have positively impacted many lives and brought unity and awareness to many causes. Movements, a group of people trying to push for a change, allows all people to create a positive impact and take a stance in what they believe in. Essentially, movements bring different types of people together and allow their voices to be heard. However, many past movements have been hindered by their complexity or lack of participants.

  Nonetheless, movements are imperative when providing beneficial change to the social progress in future generations.

  For example, a movement recently gaining followers is the “Latin X.” This campaign is comprised of underrepresented latins who are seeking to provide equality to those in their communities. One of the main goals of the “Latin X” community are to make the  Spanish language similar to the indigenous languages which are non-gendered. To the people taking part in the movement, the movement acknowledges their past, which is how they identify themselves, especially those seen as invisible.

  The “Latin X” movement helps those who feel unsure about themselves and has a positive impact on the Latin Central and South American community because the movement will surely cause amalgamation. Future generations with a common goal will triumphantly create a valuable change by grouping together because it will prove that as a whole they can make changes.

  Additionally, the “Me Too” movement currently has a strong presence among the country. This movement was inspired by actress Alyssa Milano, who encouraged people to speak up about past abuse through a “Me Too” post on social media. Consequently, Milano’s words gave victims the confidence to stand up. Although the movement originally started over a decade ago by activist Tuarna Burk, burk’s motto of this movement was “Empowerment through empathy,” is a motto that still rings true with the “Me Too” movement motto of “Make the right thing to do the easy thing to do.”

  This shows that movements have evolved and their positive effects have remained the same. This is what makes movements crucial. This movement will create a beneficial influence to those who need an outlet to be heard because the majority of people struggle with whether or not to speak up about abuse and how to do so. From this, those who do come forward can seek  justice towards their abusers and take real action. 

  One  example of a successful movement is the March on Washington, also known as “March on Washington Jobs and Freedom.” In 1963, 250,000 attendees gathered in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. to fight for civil reform and pushed against racial discrimation. As a result the administration was pressured into solving the occupation crisis which was resolved by forbidding  discrimination in the workplace and establishing the Fair Employment Practice Committee which investigated charge of racial discrimination.          

  All in all, “March on Washington”shows how even voice can make such a big impact on the country and unite the people as one. It proves that if people truly believe in something and want to make a change, all it takes is the courage and persistence to succeed.

  In short, these movements that have succeeded or are still pushing for change embrace America’s rights to be heard. It proves that changes could happen and it is possible to develop a sense of unity among all. Movements will continue to allow people to stand up for what they believe in and encourage others to do the same.

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