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Tryouts solidify Mock Trial team


  Mock Trial recently held its tryouts  to recruit new members for this upcoming year on Aug.  15.

  Students who tried out were assigned into pairs  and given a tryout time from 3-5 P.M. after school.  Mock Trial advisor Courtney Bushyeager and co-captains, junior Justin Yeh and senior Georgiana Soo accepted all 46 people who tried out.

  In the upcoming weeks, they will choose members to form a competition team, consisting of eight attorneys, eight witnesses, one artist, one journalist, one photographer and two alternates.

  Lunch supervisor Samuel Barone expects upcoming members to strengthen their scholastic skills and learn about  American law.

  “[Students] will become skilled [and] confident speakers [as] we compete with different schools and showcase our knowledge of the American legal system. They will learn [how to] perform under pressure while also developing responsibility and increasing critical thinking skills,” Barone said.

  Furthermore, Yeh explains that he looked for students who truly embraced their role when trying out.

  “During tryouts, I [payed attention] to candidates who had [confident] voices, and how well they [portrayed] their role, [whether] it be an attorney or a witness. I wanted to be convinced that I was watching a real courtroom trial, not a scripted conversation,” Yeh said.

  Sophomore Mystie Ng says she demonstrated competence in her role by practicing continuously for her audition.

  “It was  exciting, [and] as I was interviewed, I tried my best to depict the role of a witness,” Ng said. “I prepared three days [in advance] by memorizing and [researching] background information. [As a result], I felt like I met the requirements [when interviewed].”

  Mock Trial’s first practice will be on Wednesday, Sept. 6 at 3P.M.

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