Mock Trial organizes first meetings for upcoming students

Glen A. Wilson’s Mock Trial recently held an informational meeting in room D-4 on September 3 and 7.

Open to all grade levels, Mock Trial is an extracurricular program operated by History teacher Samuel Barone. Members can learn all about the U.S legal system through competitive-based trials. This hands-on experience provides students with the opportunity to become familiar with the duties and responsibilities of key figures in court.

According to Mr. Barone, the turnout for the two meetings was great.

“Kids were coming in trying to get a good understanding of what Mock Trial is,” Barone said. “We tried to present that [information] for them.”

Additionally, junior Alex Li, who has been a member since his freshman year, spoke out about what these two meetings covered.

“Our meeting covered the basics of Mock Trials,” Li said. “As in the different roles, each team needs and each applicant can apply for. We also explained what Mock Trial actually is and how future tryouts will work.”

New members also felt very welcomed to the Mock Trial program. freshman applicant Skylar Fan expressed her thoughts about the recent meetings.

“So far, Mock Trial has been the most informative and welcoming meeting,” Fan said. “Shoutout to Rani Chor! She has been so helpful throughout the process!”

As the process continues to speed up, members and anyone interested in Mock Trial should be on the lookout for future tryouts. As of right now, Mock Trial is planning to compete in November in the Los Angeles County Superior Court.

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