Mock Trial info meeting sparks interest in law amongst Wilson Students

  On Aug. 24-25, Glen A. Wilson’s Mock Trial team held interest meetings to give some insight to new and interested students about the many opportunities that come along with joining.

The meeting covered the many roles in Mock Trial–such as artists, writers, trial witnesses, and attorneys– while also explaining what Mock Trial is and what students are expected to do.

The competitive team studies one case for the duration of a school year as practice for two big competitions that take place later on. This year, it will simulate the trial in a real life courtroom with witnesses and all the components a real trial would contain. 

Mock Trial Advisor Mr. Barone shares how Mock Trial really works for the newcomers who are new to the scene.

“It is an opportunity to get outside of your comfort zone and maybe try something new! Especially public speaking, critical thinking, being able to see what the court system is like, and see how trial law in America works,” Barone said.

“There are many benefits as students make new friends, they get to compete in an academic sport.  They can really grow intellectually and interpersonally by engaging in a club like this.”

The returnees are ecstatic to welcome new faces this year as the captains greeted those who walked in ready to share about their passion.

Senior Captain Emily Axelrod explained what her role as a captain  consists of this year. 

“The senior captains have to fill out the paperwork to compete, keep track of the deadlines, plan everything and manage the time, train the new people, advertise and so on. Luckily, my senior co-captain, Baihe, and I have amazing junior captains who have been splitting up a lot of the work.”

Many might be hesitant to join due to the fear of public speaking though many of the captains have shared that they once have related to the fear as well.

Junior Captain Yumeng Chen shares her experience as a Freshman.

“As a freshman, I was nervous about public speaking too, but I realized that the more you do it, the better you get at it. At first, it can feel quite uncomfortable, but do not worry; the captains have been on your shoes before! Just take that leap of faith and give it your all!” 

For those interested, make sure to be on the lookout for tryouts being hosted soon! Information will be posted on Instagram @gawhsmocktrial.

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