Mock Trial holds tryouts for newcomers

Glen A. Wilson’s Mock Trial held an informational meeting on Aug. 18th-19th for those interested in joining the team. However, you will still need to pass the tryouts in order to join.

Mock Trial is an event in which all participating teams are provided with the same legal case, and simulate a real court trial based on that case.

Mock trial is also the first step for those students that want to pursue a career in the law field. Senior captain Alex Li explains why he wanted to join Mock Trial, and what it meant to him. “ I wanted to join Mock trial because I aspire to be a lawyer in the future and this would be a great first step in achieving that goal.”

Mock trial could also be an interesting experience that you will never forget. Junior captain Baihe Jin says that “ Mock Trial provided talented individuals a platform to put on an amazing performance while gaining competition experience and enjoyment. It is truly the adventure of a lifetime.”

So why should you join Mock Trial? 

Well as sophomore member Yumeng Chen explains: “Mock Trial is interesting for countless reasons, such as the opportunity to bond with members, consider different case theories, not to mention the intriguing cases we get every year ranging from rattlesnakes in mailboxes to stolen rings on cruise ships.”

So, don’t wait and join Glen A. Wilson’s Mock Trial!

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