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Mock Trial Closes the Case at Its First Competition

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 Mock Trial competed against Highland HS in round one of the Constitutional Rights Foundation’s Annual Los Angeles County Mock Trial Competition at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse on Monday,  Nov. 5.

 During the two-hour trial, students acted out roles as either a prosecution attorney or witness, while a scoring attorney judged the performance based on projection, objection qualities, character portrayal and more. Prosecution failed to convince the judge that the fictional defendant, Reagan Klein, falsely reported an emergency.

 According to Mock Trial advisor Samuel Barone, the competition proved to be a great experience for students.

 “Despite the result, I [believe] that the team made an excellent effort,” Barone said. “This trial helped students with their [confidence] and [expansion of ideas], which is [crucial] for Mock Trial.”

 Although co-captain senior Sarah Chun is proud of her team, she believes there is still room for improvement.

 “[We should have focused] more [on] witnesses knowing and perfecting their testimonies rather than sticking to the script,” Chun said. “I would also emphasize courtroom presence more, such as walking around and making eye contact.”

 As a third-year participant prosecution attorney junior Sydney Ly hopes to improve in the quality of practices overall.

 “Next year, I would like to [increase] practice productivity and attendance, as even one missing person affects the whole team,” Ly said. “We can also work on [improvising so that] both witnesses and attorneys can think better on their feet.”

 Mock Trial will compete in the second round of competition at Stanley Mosk Courthouse on Tuesday,  Nov. 13.

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