Milk or Cereal: The Dilemma


  Cereal or milk first is a topic almost as controversial as pizza and pineapples.  

  Long before the rise of controversies within food culture, the debate over cereal and milk has always been present. A person can enjoy either cereal or milk separately, but neither would be as good without the other. The combination of cereal and milk makes for a unique experience for the taste buds; nevertheless, the argument over which item to pour first is creating a divide among us today. 

  Essentially, I firmly believe that the combination should always be milk before cereal. The combination should justify the fact that milk before cereal is the best way to enjoy the iconic breakfast combination. Unlike those who proposed the heretic ideas of cereal priority, milk superiority is always the best choice in terms of easiness, availability and rationality.

  Not only is milk priority efficient, but it is also safe for the consumer as there will not be a lack of milk in a cereal bowl. Imagine having a full bowl of cereal just to find you have no milk left in your house; having no milk to accompany cereal leaves a lingering feeling of disappointment. On the flip side, if you did not put cereal first, you would have realized that one is out of milk. 

  Despite this, many people argue that pouring cereal first helps determine the right amount of milk for the cereal. This is not the correct belief because pouring milk first lets you decide the amount of cereal for the milk. This way you can control both the amount of milk and cereal before you put in both of the delicacies. 

  For a human being to prioritize cereals before milk is undoubtedly wrong.  Milk before cereal is always the right way to go.   


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