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Midnight Sun’s cringeworthy plot leaves viewers disappointed

Midnight Sun

 Midnight Sun, more like Midnight falling asleep in your theater seat because you could not stand the boringness of the plot.

 In a age where teen drama and romance have become immensely popular, another one has hit the theaters. Midnight Sun features the the love story between Katie Price (Bella Thorne) and Charlie (Patrick Schwarzenegger). However, like many other teen romances, there is one major setback: Katie  has Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP), a rare ultraviolet light deficiency disease. As a result, Katie could die if she comes in direct contact with sunlight. This limits her entire world to her room and her house.

 With these basic facts, Midnight Sun already mimics young adult romance cliché-ness. And, like some of its other recent teen drama counterparts, the film gives a false interpretation of romance, failing to draw the audience in with its low-quality acting, plot holes and all out cheesiness.

 Throughout the movie, the romance between the two characters is hindered by both bad portrayals of love and lousy acting. For example, in her monologue explaining her life at the beginning of the movie, Katie includes how she fell in love with Charlie at a young age by watching him skateboard by her house everyday. This “love at first sight” scenario in itself is already cliché, and it is further made unrealistic by the fact that in the movie, Charlie’s face is not even facing Katie as he skateboards. In other words, while Katie claims to fall head over heels for him, she is basing her feelings off of seeing the blur of the back of his head everyday.

 Moreover, when Charlie meets Katie for the first time at night when she is singing at the train station, he seems to fall head over heels for her too, after only seeing her for a few seconds. This is again unrealistic, as Katie is a complete stranger to Charlie.

 Perhaps, their “love at first sight” situation restricts the amount of chemistry the characters have. Or maybe, the lame acting comes into play.

 For one, Bella Thorne has never been one for good acting. Although it does seem like she is putting in an effort to act in this movie, her voice has an annoying tone that makes her character fake and nonrealistic. Particularly, Thorne’s acting does not do justice to the emotional pain that her character suffers through due to her disease. In the emotional scenes, Thorne tries too hard to add a tremor to her voice. Additionally, even though Patrick Schwarzenegger may be somewhat of an eye candy, his acting is definitely not. Schwarzenegger’s cheesy and romantic lines do not match up with his sometimes monotone voice and placid emotions. Overall, the inexperienced and unprofessional acting of these two make the romance in the movie even more lackluster, with no chemistry to draw viewers in.

 Furthermore, the film is riddled with plot holes. For instance, when Katie goes out with Charlie one night to the beach, they lose track of time until Charlie checks his phone, finding out that it is 4:50 AM. Obviously, Katie panics. When Katie starts panicking, the sky is still dark; however, as she hurriedly stands up to packs her belongings, the horizon is already becoming light. Afterward, as Charlie speedily drives Katie home, the sun seems to rise at an unreasonably fast rate. Since it is already established at the beginning of the movie that the town they live in is beside the ocean, it does not take long for Katie to arrive home. Yet by that time, the sun is peeking through the trees, giving the sense that is is probably at least 7 AM. Albeit, the sun in the real word does rise fast; nonetheless, the sun in the movie was still rising at an conveniently fast rate (with consideration to the times)  only to play into the suspense of the plot.

 Ultimately, nothing in the film distinguishes it from plenty of other movies with similar plots. So, if you ever decide to watch this film, take this piece of advice: save your money and your tissues for something better.

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