Middle School Students Join RWMA for a Night


 Band hosted its annual Eighth Grade Night on Friday, Sept. 28.

 Eighth Grade Night is an opportunity for middle schoolers, primarily eighth graders, to familiarize themselves with the band experience by performing with the Royal Wilson Marching Alliance (RWMA) during a pregame.

 According to band director Rich Torres, Eighth Grade Night is a complex yet rewarding event.

 “We only had an hour of rehearsal to get [the middle schoolers] prepared [to march],” Torres said. “[However], seeing the look of bewilderment as they go onto the field is [one of] my favorite parts.”

 Furthermore, drum major senior Adi Mendez believes a new aspect of the event is beneficial for prospective band members.

 “This year, the eighth graders joined us on the field, [whereas] in the past, they would just play with us on the stands. This [new] experience of [marching] on the field is a good experience for them,” Mendez said.

 In addition, RWMA member sophomore Jessica Park hopes the marching experience will encourage middle schoolers to join.

 “[Two] years [ago], I came to the [event], but it was not the same because we played in the stands. This year, since [middle schoolers] got the feeling of marching on the field with us, [more members] will hopefully [join],” Park said.

 Band’s first competition will be at Warren High School on Oct. 6.

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