Members of ProStart NRA competed in their first ever competition, ProStart Culinary Cup

Group photo of Ms. Estes and the competitors of ProStart Culinary Cup. (Photo by Allen Feng)

Students in ProStart NRA (National Restaurant Association) start the year with a bang.

ProStart NRA is one of the career student organizations at Glen A.Wilson HS. Students practice their culinary skills during activities, events, and competitions. Recently, Wilson’s ProStart NRA Team competed in their first-ever competition, the 2021 CA ProStart Culinary Cup.

Paw Prints Weekly interviewed the four competing students that placed and ProStart advisor, Ms. Estes.

Angelina Wang (12)

What did you do at ProStart NRA Culinary Cup?

“I participated in the branding challenge where I had to come up with an original restaurant concept and create an effective marketing campaign to increase customer traffic as well as create a logo and flyer for this certain campaign.”

What was your favorite part of ProStart NRA?

“My favorite part about being in the ProStart NRA was being able to put my previous knowledge about marketing and graphic design to the test. I also enjoyed being able to come up with a restaurant concept of my own!”

Why did you join ProStart NRA?

“I joined ProStartNRA because I enjoy trying new things and new experiences. I thought, why not try something out of my comfort zone since quarantine was quite boring.”

Derrick Chiu (11)

What did you do at ProStart Culinary Cup?

“I participated in the culinary [event] and joined the cupcake event.”

What is your favorite part of ProStart NRA?

“My favorite part about ProStart NRA is getting the chance to display my culinary skills, which is something I do not think is easy to do.”

Why did you join ProStart NRA?

“I joined ProStart NRA because I like food, and hopefully, it will look good on college apps when I win.”

Carla Isaias-Salcido (11)

What did you do at the competition?

“I competed in three competitions which were the hotdog, cupcake, and tacos events.”

What is your favorite part of ProStart NRA?

“Even though there is a time limit, it is fun to cook.”

What are you looking forward to this year?

“I look forward to any future competitions that will allow me to collaborate with others and improve my skills. I will improve by preparing things and working out what events I am going to do when the new info about future competition drops.”

Ms. Estes (ProStart NRA Advisor)

Where do you see this organization going? Do you have any future events?

“Right now, there is a set of events that any culinary member can compete in, but at the moment, I only allow level twos and level threes. If things go as planned and if anyone places in the top three again, they will compete at nationals.”

Why did you choose to become an advisor for ProStart NRA?

“I chose to advise ProStart members to participate because as a teacher, I like to see students be successful at what they want to do, and being in ProStartNRA helps students with employment and scholarship opportunities.”

Have you faced any difficulties advising the ProStart NRA? If so, how did you overcome it?

“Yes, I have faced many problems. We started planning last year for the traditional format of the competition around November, only to come back from winter break and find out that they changed the entire format. So the students had to start from scratch and come up with new recipes, concepts, and ideas.”

What is your favorite part about ProStart NRA?

“My favorite part about being an advisor for ProStart NRA is seeing the kids become more creative and confident, to take risks and to watch them evolve as cooks and people.”


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