Meeting For New Clubs At Wilson

  On Friday, Sept 1st, an informational meeting for students interested in starting new clubs took place in the media center at lunch.

  Seniors, juniors, and sophomores are all eligible to start a club, but following application requirements and staying off probation are essential to being successful. Clubs generally meet during lunch or after school, and are a good way for new students to meet people who share an interest with them and gain new skills.

  Mrs. Branconier, Associated Student Body (ASB) advisor, explained what Wilson looks for in clubs.

  “I always tell kids that if they are going to create a club, be passionate,” Ms. B elaborated. “We want to see clubs last [for quite some time]. We do not want them here for just one year.”

  Caroleen Wei, leader of the clubs commissioner group in ASB, urges students interested in making a club to stay on top of their duties. 

  “Read the application process thoroughly and contact your advisors for their approval and signature. Remember to explain clearly why and how you want to create the club!” Wei explained. “Even if your club does get approved, remember to stay on top of meetings and minute forms so your club does not get terminated or put on probation.”

When clubs are put on probation, they are not allowed to return until the following year–making it vital for students to sustain their ends of their mission statements as cabinet members. 

  Katharine Rovira, founder of Girl Up, a club at Wilson, describes her experience last school year in creating a club. 

  “The process of starting Girl Up was definitely a lengthy process, but [it was] worth it. As soon as we were approved, we were very eager and hosted our first meeting that very month!” 

Rovira described what her club has done for Wilson, mainly advocating for the women and girls on campus. “We have made accessible menstrual care packages for each classroom, attended USC’s young women’s leadership conference, hosted hygiene drives, a big sister panel, and much more.  We cannot wait to continue this year and bring new opportunities for our students.”

  Stay up to date with the Glen A. Wilson Clubs Instagram (@gawhsclubs) to see when clubs will be available to join and find out what you may be interested in!

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