Meet your 2023 Prom Royalty!

Haisyl (left), Daniel (right).

Haisyl Ng (12)

How did it feel when you heard your name being called for Prom Queen?

 “I was anticipating the reveal all night so I was super nervous standing up there in front of everyone. It was so surreal to have been voted prom queen and I was so flabbergasted that I could not process it in the moment.” 

How was your prom experience this year ?

“I had so much fun and really enjoyed spending the night dancing and taking pictures with all of my friends. I would definitely call it a ten out of ten experience.”

Who were the people who made the experience so memorable?

“My slimes and Sandra Pan! She is my 4lifer and she literally helped me shove contacts into my eyes an hour before we had to get ready for the dance, so I am super thankful for her.”

How have you been feeling throughout these last few days of your high school career? 

“I have been feeling melancholic and satisfied; I am glad that I got involved with everything our school could offer because I got to experience countless memories that I know I would not have been able to find anywhere else.”

What have been some highlights of your high school years?

“Some highlights of my high school years have just been coming back from quarantine and expecting nothing out of high school but ending up with so many new friends and stronger bonds than I had before the lockdown. From the return of the dance team and getting to compete and perform again to planning and setting up events with ASB—there are just too many memories to name that have made my high school experience so unforgettable.”

Daniel Zarzosa (12)

How did it feel when you heard your name being called for Prom King?

“I was very excited and it felt amazing to hear my name being announced for prom king.”

What is something your high school career would not be the same without?

“My high school career would most definitely not be the same without football. Without football, I would not have lived through the many memorable moments with my team that have made high school such a great experience for me.”

If there is anything you could tell your freshman-year self, what would it be?

“I would tell my freshman-year self to not take things for granted and to always give it your all.”

What is something you experienced in high school that you did not expect?

“I would never have expected to win prom king.”

How do you feel about this new chapter in life you are about to experience? 

“To be honest, I do not want to grow up yet, but I have to. I am not worried about the future and I know I will be okay in the long run.”

Dina (left), Philip (right).

Philip Ea (11)

How did it feel when you heard your name being called for Prom Prince?

“I honestly felt super honored as I was voted by other fellow junior friends to be prince. In addition, I was low-key laughing at myself as I remembered my friend roasting me at how goofy I looked in a squirrel onesie on the court picture board.”

How has your Junior year been?

“My junior year has honestly been stressful academically but I would say it has been amazing. I am so happy to have created new friendships and to have made so many cherished memories throughout this year.”

What do you look forward to next year?

“I look forward to helping create an unforgettable senior year for my fellow seniors next year as the newly-elected co-Senior Class President. I also look forward to forging new friendships, along withplaying more Fortnite next year.”

Who are the people you feel have been making your high school experience so memorable?

“The people that have been making my high school year so memorable are definitely all of my friends, family and Fortnite squad that support me by pushing my boundaries and always being there for me.”

What is something you want people to know and remember about you by the time you graduate in a year from now?

“Something that I want people to know about me is that I truly appreciate everyone’s friendship and relationship and that I did not have my dogs out at prom.”

Dina Barrientos (11)

How did it feel when you heard your name being called for Prom Princess?

“I was so surprised when they called my name and my jaw literally dropped. But immediately excitement took over and overall, being on Prom Court was a really fun experience.”

What is a goal you have for yourself within the next year?

“‘A goal I have for the next year is to maintain good grades and get into a great college.”

How would you sum up your high school experience in one word so far? Explain. 

“I would sum up my high school experience so far as inspiring because I am inspired every day to reach my goals.”

Has high school been going fast for you? Explain.

“Yes, high school has been going so fast especially since my freshman year was on Zoom so I only had two years in in-person school. And next year I’m a senior, which feels so surreal for me.”

What is something that your high school experience would not be the same without?

“My high school experience would not be the same without my friends. They are always making me laugh when I am stressed about school and they make school fun and exciting.”

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