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Meet Wilson’s fashion gurus!

Delaney Rendon (12)

Who is your biggest fashion inspiration?

“My Pinterest. I do not really have a single person that inspires me.”

Describe your fashion sense in one word.


What makes your fashion sense stand out?

“I think I just try to have one statement piece with every outfit. It [does not always have to stand out] but it brings the outfit together.”

What is your go-to pair of shoes?

“Converse or Reeboks.”

Is cereal a soup?

“Cereal is in its own category.”

Fernando Ramos (11)

Who do you look up to in the fashion world?

“People in the fashion world I really look up to are Kanye West, Virgil Abloh, Rick Owens and Alexander McQueen. They really influence what I look for in clothes and how I look at fashion as a medium.”

What do you think shaped your style?

“Things that have shaped my style have always been music and my emotions. Things I live through good or bad really influence how I change and improve my style. My style is minimalistic, I focus more on the quality and fit of the garment [rather] than the logo or hype. I really hate when people get caught up on brands, hype and fitting in rather than buying a piece of clothing that will last you a long time and will always look good rather than chasing trends. In summary, my style is influenced by doing things that people think are weird or don’t do [generally] ”

What is your favorite outfit you have ever worn?

“It’s hard to really pinpoint which outfit is my favorite I’ve ever worn due to the fact that I’m always changing as a creative day today. Things I think are cool one day later on I might think was pretty bad. Especially when I really came to care about fashion my goal was to wear hype fits or whatever but I look back and cringe now. It’s good to change and improve your style rather than staying behind in 2017 and wearing Supreme. [However], I do have some clothes I always gravitate to when I want a good fit ”

If you could have any exotic pet, what would it be?

“If I could have an exotic pet it would be a jaguar they’re pretty cool. Or a ferret too.”

What is your favorite academic subject?

“My favorite academic subject is History, I always enjoy learning about past events and how it affects our lives.”

Savannah Aguiar (12)

How do you feel about the state of mainstream fashion?

“I think mainstream fashion is exciting. The current world of fashion has become so open and accepting to people of different genders and body types, in addition, it is always changing which is fun. However, I do believe it comes with a downside as rapid changing trends fuel the industry of fast fashion. Yet, I believe much of our generation is working to educate and stop contributing to this practice through things such as thrifting and upcycling.”

Give your hottest fashion take.

“I am not a fan of Gucci and it is not just because I cannot afford it.”

What makes your fashion sense stand out?

“I do not think my clothes necessarily stand out on their own, but I notice when [people] wear anything with confidence, [others] notice.”

If you could have one new talent what would it be?

“I would love to learn a difficult yoga pose like standing on my head.”

What is one conspiracy theory you believe in?

“Helen Keller is a bit suspicious.”

Alisa De La Rosa (12)

How do you feel about “rep culture” and counterfeit goods in fashion?

“I personally do not mind people choosing to wear counterfeit products so they can take part in trends without having to spend [lucrative] amounts of money. You should do you when it comes to clothes.”

How has high school changed your fashion decisions?

“High school has given me the opportunity to exchange clothing ideas and inspiration with others. My friends and I help each other find cool clothing pieces and influence each other’s style with personal touches.”

Who or what inspires your fashion sense?

“My fashion has been inspired by Pinterest and Instagram mainly because it is easy to find the styles I reside with on creative apps. Emma Chamberlain has also played a huge role in the types of timeless pieces I purchase.”

What is one thing you believe in wholeheartedly?

“A quote that I live by is “do more for the world than it does for you.” To me, this means that even when times are tough, you should always look for the bright side.”

What’s your favorite fast-food place?

“Chipotle because it is convenient and healthier than other [fast-food] options.”

Yuu Duffy (10)

How should the current state of fashion change, if at all?

“I do not think the current state of fashion should change as we have gone into a time where there is so much diversity, but also solid options for getting into fashion. I [feel like] the rise of social media apps such as TikTok and Instagram has made it easier to [get inspiration].”

What has been your favorite fashion trend of all time?

“My favorite fashion trend of all time would have to be the hypebeast phase from around 2016 to 2018. [This era] was really the first clothing that got me into fashion.”

What is something you want to improve about your style?

“I would really want to experience upcycling and creating my own pieces. ”

What is your favorite cereal?

“Weetabix. It is a British brand of cereal. ”

What kind of music do you listen to motivate yourself?

“[That] would be upbeat hip-hop and rap songs. I love Mac Miller’s song “What’s the Use”. ”

Bradley Co (10)

What is your favorite fashion piece that you own?

“Out of my many clothing options, I would say my favorite piece has to be my Cheeto underwear. This is my favorite as it makes me feel truly happy and confident with every step I take wearing them. ”

What has been your greatest fashion experience?

“My greatest fashion experience has to be in third grade when I had a crush on my teacher and she told me she liked my shirt. ”

If you could time travel to any era of fashion where would you go?

“I would travel to the 1990s when braids were popular. I want to look like my idols Snoop Dogg and Travis Scott. ”

What is your coolest talent?

“My coolest talent is being able to breathe in and out of my mouth. I have worked on this talent all of my life and have perfected it enough to do it 24/7. ”

How do you destress?

“I engage in video games. I enjoy anime games. These games help me stay calm and at peace by allowing me to express my true character.  ”

Justin Huh (12)

What is your favorite childhood fashion choice/memory?

“My favorite childhood fashion memory is my middle school phase. I remember I thought neon colors were super cool so I would pull up to school in a whole neon green Nike fit where my shirt, shorts, socks and shoes [were] all color-coordinated. On top of that, I rocked a sick mohawk. ”

When you are unsure of what to wear, what is your go-to?

“My go-to is a simple oversized hoodie with blue or black jeans. Simple and Stylish.”

What has been your favorite fashion trend of 2021-2022?

“My favorite fashion trend for this year would have to be the vintage look. A [lot] of people have been influenced by the vintage graphic tee and cargo pants look because of TikTok and I absolutely loved it.”

What do you aspire to do after you are done with high school?

“I plan to continue my education at USC [with a major in] international business relations and global business. Fight on! ”

How do you manage various responsibilities?

“Organization, priorities and discipline. It is that simple.”

Mia Serna (12)

Are you into reselling clothes? 

“I absolutely love reselling clothes, so much so that I have my own little Depop shop called @withlovethrift. Depop is probably my most used app because of how easy and fun it is to secondhand shop on the app.”

What do you anticipate most about potential future fashion trends?

“Every year I anticipate summer and spring fashion trends because of the bright colors, youthful patterns and lightweight materials that can elevate anyone’s style!”

If you could only wear one color for the rest of your life what would it be?

“If I could wear one color for the rest of my life it would be royal blue because it is versatile for both summer & winter fashion trends. When you see blue you can either think of the ocean on a hot day or the snow of a winter’s day.”

Who is your favorite musical artist?

“At the moment [it is the singer] Rex Orange County. He dropped a fire album called WHO CARES? that I have had on repeat. I have tickets to see him in June so that is exciting.”

If Wilson could have any new class, what would you want it to be?

“I would definitely love to see a class revolving around the basics of making, designing, and altering clothes. Especially a class that goes over how to effectively use a sewing machine, I strongly believe that once someone has the knowledge to work a sewing machine he or she can make some serious money simply altering clothes for friends, custom making any article of clothing, or even designing shirts, pants or dresses! Money aside, the possibilities are endless when a teenager knows how to use a sewing machine. I strongly believe a clothing class would strike the interest of so many students here at Wilson.”

Ernie Jimenez (11)

Describe fashion in one word.


Would you ever consider going to school for fashion? Why or why not?

“No I would not because fashion is not a career I would want to pursue. I do not really keep up with trends [that much] so I would not want to go to school for fashion.”

What is the most memorable fashion trend you have seen in your lifetime?

“The hype around the Yeezy Boost 350 [was crazy].”

What is a conspiracy theory you believe in?

“George Walker Bush did 9/11.”

What is something that easily bothers you?

“Something that easily bothers me is getting ready in the morning because I always second guess my outfit for the day.”

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