Meet Victoria Lin, the Star Athlete and Prospective Film Director that is Racing to the Top

As a varsity tennis player, future film director, and Honors student, sophomore Victoria Lin pioneers a unique path to success and sets out to better the world through her various talents.

Known among her peers for her outstanding tennis skills, Lin has won numerous medals and awards as a varsity player in just her second year on the school team. And while such outstanding achievement inspires awe and applause, curiosity too arises: Where did this passionate excellence all begin? How does she practice? And what is Lin’s secret magic to distinction in tennis and in life?

Reflecting on her earliest encounters with tennis and drawing on her knowledge as an experienced athlete, Lin responds to these questions candidly.

“I began playing tennis when my dad took me to my first tennis lessons as a child,” Lin answered. “And I chose to stick with tennis because I like it better than playing the piano—I was really bad at sight-reading music.”

Moreover, as a team player, Lin shares her experience on the school tennis team.

“Being on the school team is very fun since I get to talk to people that I am comfortable with and can watch them while enjoying some snacks,” Lin described. “And to the people who want to join the team, be ready to enjoy the games and have enough competitive spirit to win!”

Diving into the practice routine that led Lin to her flawless performances on the tennis court, Lin currently practices once a week and focuses on her movement to the incoming ball. Lin also abides by the principle to “learn from the mistakes” and works to fix these faults in her practice sessions. And this spirit of tenacity extends beyond tennis, making Lin an up-and-coming film artist and stellar student.

Enrolled in honors and advanced placement (AP) courses, intermediate drama seems like an outlier among the vigorous academic courses in Lin’s schedule. Nevertheless, Lin has proven herself to be a valuable member of the production crew with her natural talents. 

“As a member of the production crew, I make props and [arrange] their usage and placement according to the plan of the show. I also plan the [placement] of staff and  run the lights [during] the show.” Lin explained.

Furthermore, in the mere span of two years that Lin has come in touch with dramatic arts, she has already facilitated well-received shows and plans to take this newly discovered passion to the next level.

“I want to major in film in college,” Lin said. “And I love drama because I get to see the [results of] my hard work during the final show.”

Last but not least, Lin’s spectacular achievements in sports and arts is skillfully balanced with academic vigor. With AP World History, AP English Language and Composition, and Honors courses in math and chemistry, Lin has received “highest honors” in every grading period and maintained an upbeat attitude throughout challenges and hardships.

“It’s difficult to be so busy,” Lin admits. “I often sleep at 1 AM. But I think the work is worth it since high school only makes up four years of your life and there are good things to look forward to later!”

Lin also offers sincere advice to her peers.

“Take life a week at a time,” Lin advises. “[This way] a semester will seem a lot less scary and feel much shorter.”

Setting an inspiring model for her peers to look up to, Lin plans to study Film at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) after high school, taking advantage of the university’s prestigious school of theater and furthering her future as a film director.


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