Meet This Year’s Badminton Team!

Ashley Yang (12)

“What are some of the duties of being one of this year’s captains?”

“Besides being a role model for the entire team, I love having a group of people that look up to me daily. Some of my duties include programming training for the team, managing the roster and scores at all games and encouraging them all to do their best at all times!”

“How is the team shaping up this year? Any qualities that make them stand out from previous years?”

“I see the team this year as full of individuals that are ready to work with me to make the team better!”

“Has the pandemic affected the team at all?

“Due to the pandemic, some people were unwilling to commit to the team.”

William Wei (11)

“With this being the first year on the team, how was the process of joining badminton?”

“We had to go through a two-day tryout where we did a lot of conditioning. Before we even played, we did sprints, lunges and jump squats. This tryout was fairly easy for me as I exercise daily.”

How do you see the team this year?” 

“I think there is still more room for improvement as a whole team. Luckily, we have a lot of elite players which we can learn from.”

Who are these elite players?

“Our captains, Eric Zhu, Ashley Yang and Karsten Ma!”

Emily Chuang (10)

“What are some of the qualities you bring to the varsity team?”

“I believe I bring optimism to the team. Whenever the coaches give us a pep talk, whether it be after a game or during practice, it is important to be optimistic. If you only dwell on your mistakes, you will find yourself in a position where you are not enjoying what you used to love. I want all of my teammates to look forward and try their best even if they do not win. And even if they do not win, every match is a learning experience.”

“Who is a player who you look up to in the team?”

“Definitely Ashley Yang. With her technique and personality, she can get around the court very quickly and is very versatile in any position she is playing. Her personality gets the team hyped especially today, where she took the win twice against Walnut!”

“What are your goals this year for the team?”

“I want us to be unmoved and keep improving through our tough league schedule and training. We are also not only eager to make it to CIF, but also to beat Diamond Bar!”

Jazmine Ho (9)

“How do you feel being your first year on the team?”

“I feel safe and happy because my teammates are all nice. I am also positive that I can improve on my skills.”

“How long have you been playing badminton?”

“I started playing in sixth grade, but since I play for fun, my time with badminton is on and off.”

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