Meet the Associated Student Body Candidates Running for Office!

Heeju Bahk (11)

What made you decide to run for the president role of ASB?

“I think over the years, I have grown more and more passionate about our school! I was this year’s ASB secretary, and being so involved in ASB made me realize I loved putting myself out there as a leader. [Running for] ASB President was just another step forward.”

If you were to become ASB President, what would be your main course of action?

“One thing I will always stand for is listening to students’ voices! Giving everyone a chance to be represented is something so important to me because ASB represents such a small fraction of the school. I want to be able to reach all ends of the campus and make the school better for everyone.”

Chloe Chu (11)

What made you want to run for Vice President of ASB?

“I know that I have the experience to help run ASB, and I knew that I wanted what was best for ASB. That is all that mattered to me.”

In general, how do you feel about competing against other people for the position?

“I think I felt more stressed than I thought I would be because I was not expecting to be going against four other candidates.”

Sarah Yu (11)

What is the reason that made you want to run for vice president instead of other positions?

“I wanted to run for Vice President because I want to be as involved as I possibly can in the school and student body. I want to help create a high school experience that is memorable for all the students here and leave the class of 2025 with the best senior year possible.”

How can you prove you are qualified to be the vice president of ASB if you get elected?

“I am qualified to be Vice President, as I have many leadership roles and extracurriculars. Through these experiences, I have learned what it takes to be a leader like the Vice President of ASB. I am also a committed and hardworking person who always has a goal and never gives up on these goals.”

Julissa Cisneros (11)

Why did you pick to run for vice president of ASB rather than going for other positions?

“I decided to run for vice president as opposed to any other position because I know it is a position I could fit in well. I decided against the president position because I believe the person running for that position, Heeju Bahk, would be the most capable of filling it. I still wanted a high role in leadership and knew that vice president was a role I could fit in with.”

What is the first thing you would do if you were to become Vice President, and why?

“The first thing I would do is obviously celebrate because it is a great accomplishment that I worked hard for. All jokes aside, I would want to plan new events that could cater to people of all cultures, something like a cultural fest. I feel like this would be cool because it would give people an opportunity to get to know about cultures in our community.”

Lisa Yuan (10)

Why did you choose to run for the secretary position at ASB?

“I decided to run for the position of secretary to get more involved with Wilson and ASB as a whole. I love being in ASB and am very passionate about all the work we do, so running for secretary is the next step to making good use of that passion!”

Are there any strengths you have that can be put to use if you get elected? If so, how?

“Yes. My dedication and commitment to my work will be put to its fullest ability if I get elected. In my past leadership positions, I have always been able to prioritize those works above others. I will definitely continue to do this if I get elected!”

Nicole Pan (11)

What was the decision behind running for secretary of ASB?

“My decision of running for secretary of ASB lies in the fact that I like to take initiative. Taking initiative means a lot as a leader, as some situations require fast thinking.”

What makes you believe that you are qualified for the position, and how will you show it?

“I am qualified for the position of secretary because I work well under pressure. I show this by setting up our lunch rallies within the first few minutes of lunch.”

Sydney Aizawa (10)

What are you running for the treasurer position in ASB?

“I am running for the treasurer position in ASB because I wanted to have more experience in leadership. I think running for this position will give me experience and teach me new things for the future.”

What is something you want to do when you become treasurer, and why?

“If I become treasurer, the main thing I would like to do is create more funds for our school. I would make sure to do this by coming up with fundraising ideas so school events like Homecoming would be able to have more exciting things such as more game, photo, and snack options. I would also like to make more funds for each class so they will be able to do more with them for Battle of the Classes! I think this would make BOTC more entertaining and fun!”

Laurel So (10)

What made you want to run for treasurer of ASB?

“I wanted to run for ASB treasurer in order to use my leadership abilities to financially support the school’s programs and activities to create the best experience for the student body.”

How will you prove that you can be a good treasurer if you were to be elected?

“I am currently the treasurer of the club DON (Diversify Our Narrative) and the school’s dance team. These experiences have enabled me to become familiar with the financial side of all the fun events at our school. If I were to be elected to be ASB treasurer, I would ensure the student body a great high school experience.”

Sarah Pham (11)

What made you want to run for historian of ASB?

“ASB Historian is accountable for our school’s online publications. As historians, we control the school’s official Instagram accounts and announcements, and we do a lot of filming for Spirit Weeks, etc. As a member of ASB, I have contributed to all of these aspects and am capable of being able to teach future ASB members.”

What do you think being a historian is, and why do you think you qualify for the position?

“Being a historian is, of course, someone who knows how to make graphics, film, edit, and have creativity, among other things, but these are all skills that can be learned. Being a historian is being a leader, to be able to teach these skills to my peers. I qualify for this position because not only am I knowledgeable of all our ways of doing things, but I also have the characteristics of a leader.”

Nathan Lu (11)

Why did you want to run for senior class president, and what made you pick Emiliano as a partner?

“I wanted to run for senior class president because of the opportunities and responsibilities that we would receive if we won. I chose Emiliano as my partner because I have known him for a long time now, and we have always been fun. This made me believe that we could fit the position together well.”

What do you want to do if you are elected as senior class president, and why?

“I would want to host events that would allow people to interact with their class and enjoy their years as high schoolers.”

Emiliano Lopez (11)

 Why did you want to run for senior class president, and what made you pick Nathan as a partner?

“I decided to run for senior class president with the goal of enhancing my graduating class’s high school experience. Throughout these years, I have enjoyed many different friendships and now aim to extend those positive experiences to the entire senior class. I’m excited to create memorable moments and a sense of community in our final year together. I selected Nathan as my partner because he and I shared the same desire to make our final year memorable.”

What do you want to do if you are elected as senior class president, and why?

“If Nathan and I are elected as senior class presidents, we plan to start planning events so we can start senior year off with a bang! Hosting events such as Senior Movie Night and Senior Laser Tag will take a lot of work but help create that sense of community that we need at the beginning of the year while applying for colleges and deciding our futures.”

Kyler Khang (11) & Raphael Manahan (11)

Why did you want to run for the position of senior class president, and why did you choose each other as partners?

“We decided to run for senior class president, as we wanted the class of 2025 to have the best senior year possible. We believe that senior year is sort of an end to youth, thus we want to represent the senior class and create long-lasting memories for them. We chose to run with each other, as we always collaborated well in our 2 years of being teammates and friends. We always piggyback off each other’s ideas and improve each other as a whole.”

What do you think is one thing that sets you off from the other competitors?

“What sets us apart from our competitors is our drive, commitment, and dedication. Like we said, senior year is the last year of youth and the end of an era. We, together, will be dedicated and strive to create the best senior year ever. Once we commit to something, we will always try our best, and the class of 2025 genuinely matters to us.”


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