Meet the 2020-2021 Homecoming Court!

Edmond Chu (12)

Why do you think that you are deserving of the title of Homecoming King?

“I am rooting for the other contestants as well because even though winning the title would be an honor, it is not something that I need. I am not saying that I am not deserving of the award, but I voted for someone else because I wanted to see them win.”

What draws you to political and biomedical science?

“I have always wanted to become a physician so that I could help others. I never considered a career path in law until I joined Mock Trial, but ever since then, I have found interest in pursuing [a degree in law]. I am still debating on what I want to major in depending on what college I choose to attend and the programs that they offer.”

What motivates you to exert your best effort into your tasks?

“[Knowing that my actions have an effect on my future] motivates me to do the best I can. By working hard, I can make my parents proud and have a good life in the future [when I have] a family of my own.”

How do you usually spend your free time?

“During my free time, I like to communicate and play games with my friends over Discord. Sometimes, I also unwind by laying in bed and watching YouTube videos or movies.”

Gabriel Gapusan (12)

Why do you think that you are deserving of the title of Homecoming King?

“I deserve the title of Homecoming King because I am a friendly guy, [despite my serious disposition], and I like making friends with everyone around me. I can easily connect [with people] because I am able to relate to them in one way or another, [and that is an important quality of a Homecoming King].”

How important is physical exercise in your life?

“Working out is important to me because I like getting stronger. I try to exercise every day because not only does it keep you healthy, but it also improves the appearance of your muscles.”

What makes you stand out from the other nominees?

“I stand out from them because, unlike the other candidates, I have a more serious and mature demeanor. Expressing this maturity makes me stand out because not everyone expects it, and I am not afraid to be different from everybody else.”

What is a lesser-known fact that other people may not know about you?

“Most people do not know that I can do a belly roll.”
Dyssael Sandoval (12)

Why do you think that you are deserving of the title of Homecoming King?

“I think that I deserve it because throughout my years in high school, I have [served as an example] of what it means to be a Wildcat by showing resilience, ownership, adaptability and resilience.”

What are the qualities that make a good soccer player?

“A good soccer player must have confidence without arrogance.”

What is a life event from your past that taught you an important lesson?

“A life event in the past that taught me an important life lesson was when I was watching [Cars]. Lighting McQueen was about to pass the finish line to earn himself the Dinoco 400 title, [but instead of crossing it], he stops to help The King. He gave up the first place for his friend and this [scene] taught me that friendships are far more important than fame and success.”

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

“My favorite flavor of ice cream has to be chocolate chip.”

Ethan Brown (12)

Why do you think that you are deserving of the title of Homecoming King?

“I think that I am deserving of the title because I have been a very active student during all of my high school life. I go to events in order to show school spirit, I communicate effectively with others and I try to be present [in everything that I do. I believe that I have what it takes to become the next Homecoming King because] I have been in all of the drama productions as well as attending all of the water polo games and swim meets.”

How has being a part of the water polo team impacted your life?

“Being a part of the water polo team gives me something to commit and look forward to every day at school. It feels nice to have a place where you can go and enjoy yourself [with your fellow teammates].”

How do you balance your school life and your personal life effectively?

“I choose classes that I know I will be able to handle. I do not want to overwhelm myself with schoolwork because I prioritize my own happiness over academics. If I am doing poorly in a subject, I work hard [in order to get a better grade]. But I do not take subjects that [I know I am not capable of handling] because I want to dedicate my time to doing other things such as reading and focusing on being the president of advanced drama.”

Who is your role model in life?

“My brother is my biggest role model because he was with me every step of the way while I was growing up. He is four years older than me and I have been following in his footsteps by joining drama and the water polo team. He has definitely shaped me into the person I am today.”

Santiago Saucedo (12)

Why do you think that you are deserving of the title of Homecoming King?

“I have talked it over with my significant other and I have decided that it would not be best if I won the title because it would complicate our relationship. I have decided to step down because entering it was a decision made on a whim.”

What initially drew your interest to art history?

“I really like looking at classical paintings because they [of the rich] history behind them. I have mostly seen Western European paintings and it would be interesting to learn about the history of art from other cultures. [Specifically, I would like to explore] the history of Latino art in order to connect with my heritage.”

Where do you see yourself a decade from now?

“I see myself four years into a long-term job of preserving art by that time. Conserving classical art is important because it is old and needs to be maintained over time. I want to play a part in keeping my heritage alive.”

What is your favorite anime?

At the moment, it is Neon Genesis Evangelion and I highly recommend it to anyone because it effectively mixes emotion and action in the plot. It is very well-written because you get to know the characters well and see them grow as the series progresses.”

Matthew Lliteras (12)

Why do you think that you are deserving of the title of Homecoming King?

“[During my time at school], I participated in a lot of events and I was always nice to other people. I brought excitement and made the boring days more fun by giving shows that make people smile and feel good. Seeing the other students happier because of me, helped me become more open in the end.”

How has participating in drama helped you become a more well-rounded person?

“Drama has helped me become a better person by teaching me [the true value of] teamwork and self-expression. Being able to use your own emotions, [in order to play another person], serves as a way to express yourself and make the role your own. We also do a lot of behind-the-scenes production work where [teamwork is required in order to] create a successful presentation.”

What is a life event that you have experienced that taught you a valuable lesson?

“When Jasmine Solar and I were performing during lunch at the Superbowl Rally last year, the experience taught me to not be afraid to express myself. You can [spread your happiness to other people] by showing [confidence in being your true self without worrying about what others think].”

If you had the chance to have dinner with anyone in history, who would you choose and why?

“I would have dinner with Nicki Minaj because she used to work at Red Lobster and she would know what the best things to order are. She also has a lot of wisdom and is a very inspiring person. She started from the bottom and had to work hard to achieve everything while breaking a lot of barriers in a male-dominated industry.”

Lialani Johnson (12)

Why do you think that you are deserving of the title of Homecoming Queen?

“Everyone in Homecoming Court is deserving of the title, but I am involved in a lot of school affairs such as basketball, track, drama, biomedical science and choir. My commitment [to these activities] along with my school spirit [is what makes me a good candidate].”

How do you hope to make a change in the world through pursuing a career in the justice system?

“I have always loved helping people ever since I was young, so serving in the police force would hopefully instill hope in our country. Due to the recent protests and the Black Lives Matter movement, people have developed a more negative perception of the police and I want to shed a positive light on their job.”

How did you learn to become confident in yourself?

“There are two factors that helped me become a confident person: playing basketball and [my Tongan heritage]. In basketball, you have to be confident when playing [in order to succeed]. I am also Tongan and in my country of origin, the technology is not as advanced as here in the United States. My mother arrived in this country at 22 years old and my brave Tongan culture [influenced my upbringing] by teaching me to be confident.”

What is your favorite dish and why?

“Hawaiian pizza is my favorite food because the ham gives it a nice flavor, while the pineapple reminds me of Polynesian culture, even though we do not have pizza in Tonga.”

Brissa Torres (12)

Why do you think that you are deserving of the title of Homecoming Queen?

“All of the candidates are deserving of the crown, even though we are a very diverse group of people with different personalities. Despite not expecting to be a part of the homecoming court, I am very appreciative of the people who nominated me because it was a very sweet thing to do. I do not mind winning, but I believe that the reason that I was chosen for this position is because of my ability to make school feel like a friendlier community. [As Homecoming Queen, I plan to] make the campus a more welcoming place.”

What is the most important lesson that you have learned from being a part of the Royal Wilson Marching Alliance (RWMA)?

“Due to my position as the RWMA president, I am constantly interacting with others, and if it was not for RWMA, I would not have known all of the wonderful people that I have met in my community. Not only was I able to be a part of this tight-knit community, but this experience also taught me a lot of communication skills because of all of the phone calls that I had to make in order to organize fundraisers in partnership with different restaurants.”

What is the most admirable trait that you possess?

“I am a people-oriented person, as I mentioned earlier. I am very extroverted and an easy person to get along with. [Because of my positive disposition], it helps people feel more comfortable when approaching me if they need something. I am also the co-president for Teen Minds Matter where our goal is to destigmatize mental illness. So it is very important to me that people are able to talk to me, whether it be to present my business or if they have concerns about anything.”

Who is your favorite musical artist?

“Right now, I have been listening to Kali Uchis. Some of her songs are in Spanish and I really like her music because I connect to it. [She has a diverse discography] because she makes pop songs, but she also has a lot of softer music.”

Enid Gonzalez (12)

Why do you think that you are deserving of the title of Homecoming Queen?

“I am [honored] to be a part of the homecoming court and it actually came as a happy surprise. I feel like I deserve [to be in this position] because of my ability to take initiative and be an effective leader on campus.”

What was the most difficult obstacle you have overcome in cross-country and track?

“The most difficult obstacle right now is staying consistent and motivated during the pandemic, due to the [challenges that it presents and the] uncertainty if there will be a season or not. [During this time], I just keep on running and staying in shape, despite there not being a guarantee that the season will go as planned.”

What is your proudest achievement in life?

“I would say that one of my proudest moments in life was being treasurer of the ASB (Associated Student Body). It was a good experience because I was introduced to a lot of new people and it helped me to think outside of the box in order to solve problems and organize school events. The experience put me in a position of leadership wherein I learned about the value of taking initiative. Even if a situation makes you uncomfortable, [you need to take action] in order to solve problems, gain experience and learn new things.”

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you be?

“That is an easy answer. I would live in Florence, Italy because everything there is so beautiful: the food, the people, the art and the architecture.”

Jasmine Solar (12)

Why do you think that you are deserving of the title of Homecoming Queen?

“I am deserving of the title of Homecoming Queen because of how outgoing I am. I planned the Superbowl Rally along with Matthew, which ended up being the biggest rally at our school last year. Overall, I am very committed to making the school into a more fun and exciting place.

What is your most memorable wrestling match?

“My most memorable wrestling match was during the blood round when I completed at the California Interscholastic Federation. I needed to win that match in order to qualify for the Masters and it gave me the biggest rush! In the end, I managed to defeat my opponent.

How do you deal with challenges in your life?

“My whole life has been a challenge. I deal with my problems by weightlifting, hanging out with my loved ones and [enjoying] what life has to offer. I do not [focus on] what I do not have, I [focus on] what I do have.”

Do you have any hidden talents? If so, what are they?

“My shoulder pops at random times, but that is about it.”

Amy Lu (12)

Why do you think that you are deserving of the title of Homecoming Queen?

“The Homecoming Queen is somebody who contributes positively to the school environment. I feel like I deserve that title because of my friendly and understanding personality. I love to help my classmates with their work so [that aspect makes me a more trustworthy person in the eyes of others]. I also believe that cultivating a strong relationship with your classmates is important and [I feel like that makes me a good candidate for the crown].”

What aspect of creating art interests you the most?

“I have always been a creative person, so art feels very special to me. I enjoy telling stories through my art by coming up with ideas and translating my thoughts and feelings into an art piece.”

How do you cope when feeling stressed or overwhelmed?

“Whenever I am feeling stressed, I usually just call or text my close friends in order to let my emotions out. [Sometimes], I draw too because art [serves as an outlet] for me to calm down and destress.”

If you were to be given one wish, what would you ask for?“I would wish for more confidence in myself and in my art. I wish that I could learn to not worry and be confident in where my future will take me. If it does not work out, I want to learn to get back up and keep on going.”

Carol Li (12)

Why do you think that you are deserving of the title of Homecoming Queen?

“I believe that I deserve the title because I am very active on the school campus. Being the editor-in-chief at Paw Prints Weekly and a member of other clubs, I have found my specific niche at Glen A. Wilson. I also try my best to be friendly and open-minded to everyone I meet so I hope that my presence makes me deserving of the award.”

How did you earn the position of Editor-in-Chief in Paw Prints Weekly?

“As a sophomore, I was the online editor of Paw Prints Weekly and I was heavily involved in many other aspects of the program such as writing, internet publishing and going through graphics. I played a really integral role and I wanted to expand my reach so I applied for the position of editor-in-chief. I did not expect to be given the position, but when I got picked, I was so happy that I was given the opportunity to be able to continue leading the program.”

How have you served as an inspiration to someone in the past?

“I am not sure if I have inspired anyone. If anything, I would serve as an inspiration to my past self. I never thought I would be in this position today. I try my best to prioritize what I want in life [while balancing] family and relationships. I control my life and decide what is most important to me [and I feel like I can serve as a source of] inspiration to my past self, and hopefully to other people as well.”

What is your favorite type of animal?

I would say that it is a tie between a giraffe and a dog. My youngest cousin Melody’s favorite animal is a giraffe and one time, she asked her grandparent to buy one for her. I really want to get a dog in the future, but my family does not want to get one because they believe that the dog will get everything dirty.”

Solana Marquez (12)

Why do you think that you are deserving of the title of Homecoming Queen?

“I think that I deserve the title because I am good at dabbing and I can speak in fluent Pig Latin, which are important skills that every queen should have. I am also involved in many extracurricular activities at school such as volleyball, track, cyber club and drama which. Being included in these programs has helped me connect and establish good relationships with a lot of people.”

What is an important life skill that volleyball has taught you?

“An important skill that I learned from volleyball is effective communication. In volleyball, it is really important to [establish camaraderie with your teammates] during games and practice. When I first joined the volleyball team, I was very quiet and did not talk a lot. This lack of communication caused many errors and confusion during games. However, through the years, I have learned to become more confident and to speak up for myself.”

What is the best advice that someone has given to you?

“I once told myself that all of the stresses and worries that you have will not matter once you turn 80 because you will not remember them. Instead, you will be living a good and [fulfilling] life. I usually think about this [piece of advice that I have given myself] whenever I am feeling overwhelmed about homework, but I can also apply it to other aspects of life as well.”

What do you like to do when you are bored?

“When I am bored, I like to make slime, watch SpongeBob, play video games, and spend time with my dog. I also like to walk back and forth from my room to my fridge thinking that the food will transform into my favorite snacks. Besides that, I like to play sports and exercise outside.”

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