Meet Our Winter Sports Captains!

Girls’ Soccer
Julia Gomez (12)
What are some things that you want to accomplish this year with the soccer team?
“Some things that I want to accomplish this year with my team are winning CIF and improving on the chemistry of my teammates”

What have you missed from not being with your teammates?
“What I missed the most from not being with my teammates are the practices that we had because we would always have fun.”

Do you have any new routines you pursue to prepare yourself while in quarantine?
“During quarantine, I keep myself prepared by practicing shooting, working on fitness, lifting and continuing to practice with my club team.”

What are some ways you deal with the stress of being a captain?
“I deal with the stress of being a captain by being as prepared as I can physically and mentally and only worrying about factors that my team can control.”

What are some things you are looking forward to this year?
“I look forward to playing in a new league and challenging my team to do as well as last year; winning league competitions and going far in the CIF.”

Who is your celebrity crush?
“My celebrity crush is Jack Gilinsky because he is a great musical artist.”

Do you prefer waking up early or sleeping late?
“Between the two choices, I prefer sleeping late.”

Are you more of a cat or a dog person?
“Even though I also like cats, I am more of a dog person.”

Carolina Garcia (11)
What have you learned from being a co-captain of the soccer team?
“As a co-captain, I have learned the importance of communication, compromise and teamwork. I have also learned how to handle responsibility and pressure in stressful situations.”

What is the most important thing about leading the soccer team?
“The most important thing about leading the team is having good communication skills and being able to give and receive constructive criticism. It is also important to listen to the team and try to give advice or solve problems.”

What is your most memorable achievement or accomplishment in soccer?
“My most memorable achievement in soccer was reaching the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) quarter-finals because it was the first time in many years the girl’s soccer team achieved this.”

How do you maintain a healthy balance of schoolwork and soccer?
“I keep a healthy balance between schoolwork and soccer with time management. I also make lists and schedules to help keep myself on track.”

How do you keep yourself and your team prepared during quarantine?
“During quarantine, I like to keep myself and my team prepared by communicating with each other and helping motivate one another. Also, keeping a workout routine helps maintain our fitness and prepares us for the season.”

What do you look forward to achieving with the soccer team?
“I look forward to playing soccer with my team and having the opportunity to win games. I also look forward to having the chance to make it to the CIF playoffs and advancing further than last year.”

What are three things that could be found on you at all times?
“Three things that could be found on me at all times are my phone, hair ties, and my Hydro flask.”

Do you think that the internet is helpful or harmful to individuals around the world?
“I think the internet could be both helpful and harmful. The internet can help give new resources and information to people, however, it can also be a place for cyberbullying and online conflict.”

Where is your dream vacation spot?
“My dream vacation spot is Mt. Rainier in Washington because it is a beautiful place with lots of scenic spots, hiking trails and fun activities.”


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