Meet our new Wilson school staff!

Mr. Blanchard (AP Psychology, World History)

What are your favorite ways to pass time?

“I love endurance sports, reading, video games, and movies.  I’m an avid runner and cyclist, and I run roughly 20 to 30 miles a week.  I am currently training for the Long Beach Marathon in October and the Oceanside Iron Man in April 2023.  When I’m not spending time with my wife and kids or exercising, I love to read both fiction and non-fiction books, watch historical movies and television shows and play video games.”

Ms. Owenby (Instructional Aide)

What makes Wilson different?

“Wilson’s friendly and supportive staff has made working here wonderful. They have always made me feel appreciated and welcome.”

Ms. Philips (Math 2 Honors)

What would be your advice for a new school year?

“I guess my advice to [students] would be to do your best, be willing to make mistakes, participate in school activities and meet new people.”

Ms. McIntyre (Attendance Office)

What is your favorite part of your day at Wilson?

“I love the early morning, I can get organized and set up for the day.”

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